Husband cheers up his wife with a funny doll

Husband cheers up his wife with a funny doll

One of the few positive effects of lockdown is that it has boosted the creativity of many people. Anyone who is locked in their own four walls tries to distract themselves with all sorts of things for which they may not have had time. So did a resourceful husband and family man.

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To cheer up his wife during the Corona crisis, he first placed his son’s gift – a monkey doll named Socky – in unexpected places. Later he thought up funny scenes and situations in which he put Socky and took pictures of them, which he now regularly publishes on the Instagram account “realsocky”. Many pictures contain funny allusions, for example to films, or depict everyday situations:

1. Who doesn’t know this moment?

2. “Happy Chinese New Year.”

3. If you eat too much spaghetti, you get a shock on the scales.

4. “For all Bob Ross fans.”

5. Oh, not two souls, but a sock dwells in his chest.

6. Who else knows Twister?

7. He has the hottest goods.

8. Agent 007: Bond, Socky Bond.

9. “Socky’s Sunday.”

10. “Moby Sock.”

11. This book opened his eyes.

12. A real circus monkey.

13. Same drudgery every winter.

14. Close your eyes and go!

15. He will be brought back down to earth in a moment.

16. Someone say that IKEA furniture is easy to assemble.

Great! A sweet idea that the man implemented wonderfully. I am sure that Socky will ensure a lot of cheerfulness in the future too! Anyone who has a soft spot for cuddly toys, dolls or toys will definitely also enjoy the following articles and galleries:

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