How to become a coffee professional! Roast, degree of grinding and latte art

How to become a coffee professional!  Roast, degree of grinding and latte art

Coffee is and will remain the favorite drink of Germans. Whether as an espresso, a cappuccino or a simple filter coffee – for many of us, the day cannot even begin without the noble, brown brew. Most people probably know the difference between an espresso and a latte macchiato. But what happens with the right roast, the right grind and the right coffee machine, only the coffee professionals know. And so that you can shine with real coffee know-how in the future, we have prepared a video for you. We’ll show you how to become a real coffee professional in just 9 steps. Every barista can pack up!

1. Roasting

If you prefer espresso, you should buy dark beans. If your heart beats for filter coffee, a lighter roast is sufficient.

2nd degree of grinding

You should choose the consistency of the coffee according to how you want to drink the coffee. For an espresso, the ground coffee needs the texture of table salt; for filter coffee, it needs the texture of coarse sea salt.

3. Espresso pot

Make sure you use hot water for the espresso pot, not cold water. This way the water boils up faster and your espresso is ready in no time at all. If it takes too long, the espresso can get really bitter.

4. French Press

Probably the easiest way to prepare coffee. Add 42 g of coffee and 600 ml of hot water to the pot and stir everything together. After 3.5 minutes stir again. Scoop off the foam, press the press down, and serve the coffee.

5. Chemex

The Chemex is recommended for particularly aromatic coffee preparation. Wash the filter with hot water, this will also preheat the Chemex. The water can then be tipped away. Grind the coffee, put it in the filter and pour 80 ml of water on it. Let the coffee swell for about 30 seconds and then pour 120 ml of water on the coffee. Let everything soak for 2 minutes. Then comes the 3rd infusion with 200 ml of water and a swelling time of 3 minutes and finally the 4th infusion with 100 ml of water.

6. Cappuccino recipe

Pour an espresso double shot into a glass and add 150 ml of lukewarm, frothed milk (use a mason jar to froth up).

7. Latte macchiato recipe

You can also use the French press for the perfect milk foam. Pour the frothed milk into a tall glass. Then carefully pour in an espresso so that 3 layers are created in the glass (from bottom to top: milk, espresso, foam).

8. Latte Art

With Latte Art it is important that the jug and cup are at a 90-degree angle to each other. For the heart, angle the cup a little and pour the milk into the middle. Then go with the jug very close to the surface, pour a little faster and once forwards. The heart is ready!

Always pour from your wrist, not your shoulder. We pour again over a 90-degree angle in the middle, start to move our jug ​​from the wrist loosely back and forth in order to lay the individual leaves. Then lift the jug up a little and drive through again. For beginners, it is advisable to cover the cup with adhesive tape. Then you can’t get too close to the edge.

9. Correct coffee storage

Store the coffee in whole beans. So the aroma doesn’t work! Ground coffee is best stored in an AirScape can. It stays fresh for a long time!

Are you ready for the perfect cappuccino in your own four walls? Have fun with your newly learned barista skills! Enjoy the coffee, in whatever form!


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