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How many triangles are there?

How many triangles are there?

Fancy a head nut? Then the following puzzle with the triangles is just right for you.

The most beautiful DIY ideas for winter and Christmas. (Scroll down to find the puzzle video.)

You have to be really fast for this: In the video you get to see a picture for 20 seconds and you have to decide as quickly as possible how many triangles it contains. Sounds easy, but you will find that the answer to this quiz is not that easy to come up with in such a short amount of time.

Nice that you participated. You were probably surprised by the result. Or would you have thought that there are so many triangles? You have to be careful not to look for triangles everywhere.


This little brain jogging is great as a short brain teaser in between. It trains your logical thinking skills in turbo speed and can be wonderfully incorporated into everyday life as a little puzzle fun. Like our little bus puzzle or the tiger search quiz. And if you would like to answer a few more questions, you should devote yourself to the camping puzzle.

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