Hazel Hulse’s daughter converts a sanitary napkin

Hazel Hulse’s daughter converts a sanitary napkin

Children see the world with different eyes: they have their own explanations for things that adults take for granted. The misunderstandings that arise in this way make parents laugh and wonder again and again.

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Hazel Hulse was also amazed when one morning she found a pair of sanitary towels in her little daughter’s shoe box. Her daughter’s explanation is so weird that her mother just has to share it on Facebook:

“I’m almost dying of laughter right now! Sophia was just about to put on her school supplies and I took her shoes out of the box.

Me: ‘Sophia! Why the hell are they in your shoebox? ‘

Sophia (rolling her eyes): ‘Mom, these are deposits! They make the shoes more comfortable. Don’t you know anything? ‘

Me: …

You just can’t invent something like that! “

No, you really can’t invent that as an adult, but the child’s imagination is known to be limitless. In any case, Hazel is delighted with her daughter’s ingenuity. You just need a good dose of humor when you are raising children.

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