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Hangover survives trip in freight container

Hangover survives trip in freight container

If someone goes on a trip, he can tell something … However, one would like to undertake his travels voluntarily. But what if you suddenly find yourself an involuntary stowaway?

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This experience had to be made by a little gray cat who – like all curious cats – could not withstand an exploration tour and had snuck inside a freight container. As he wandered among the stacked packages, unsuspecting workers shut the doorway and he was stuck.

The cat had bad luck with his container adventure, because the box was going on a really long journey. It was transported from Ukraine to Israel, about 3,000 kilometers, a journey that lasted about 3 weeks.

All alone in the dark, cold container, the cat had to survive without food and water. But somehow he managed what seemed almost impossible. He tore open the packaging of the transported cargo with his claws and ate what he found inside.

How he was able to find enough water to survive the three weeks is not clear, but maybe he was able to get rainwater through openings in the container walls.

The recipients who opened the container doors at his destination were amazed when a surprisingly well-nourished and healthy-looking cat jumped out of the darkness of the transport box.

When they saw what the cat had lived on in the container for weeks, they couldn’t believe how good the cat looked: the cargo was that of a candy retailer and contained nothing but chocolates and confectionery. The cat had managed to live on sweets all this time.

Even now the little container tomcat is doing well and enjoying his regained freedom.

Curious cats sometimes get into trouble – but they are also smart enough to get out of them.

Thumbnail: © Facebook / Police Control Ukraine

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