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Girl’s birth certificate includes 3 fathers

Girl’s birth certificate includes 3 fathers

Ian Jenkins, Alan Mayfield and Jeremy Allen Hodges from San Diego (USA) made history in 2017. The three men live together in a so-called polyamorous relationship. In contrast to “open” relationships, all partners love each other and equally. Life together is based on a long-term perspective, honesty and trust – just like with traditional couples.

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It all started with Ian and Alan, who have been together for seventeen years. Eight years ago they met Jeremy, who has been part of it ever since. Ian is a university professor and describes his special partnership as: “Just three honest, normal guys who spend a long time discussing what should be for dinner.”

However, that is not the only special feature of this trio from California. One day, quite unexpectedly, the opportunity to raise a family came up.

“A friend of Jeremy offered us egg cells that were left after their artificial insemination and were no longer used,” says Ian, who, like Alan, had long been skeptical about children. “We were given the opportunity to adopt the eggs and raise a boy or a girl if we decided to.”

And that is exactly what they did. The three found a surrogate mother and took care of all the necessary legal steps, which took a lot of time and money. At the end of her labors there was a lovely girl named Piper.

But their story doesn’t end there, because all three men wanted to be entered together as “fathers” on the birth certificate – something like this had never happened before. And at first they were denied this wish.

“We explained to the judge why we really want to become parents. Many tears flowed, which visibly touched the judge. Eventually she found a way to use the existing laws to issue this unique birth certificate, ”recalls Ian. And that was exactly how they made history.

That was four years ago. Meanwhile, Ian, Alan and Jeremy even have a fourteen-month-old son named Parker, who was born like Piper. The two are half-siblings because their two egg cells come from a woman, but the sperm cells from two men in the trio. To avoid confusion, the children have different endearing words for their three fathers: Ian is “Papa”, Alan is “Dada” and Jeremy is “Daddy”.

Ever since the cute little ones came into their lives, everyday life in the polyamorous partnership has revolved around issues of upbringing. The three men obviously want their children to grow up as well as possible. Fortunately, the decision to start this unusual family and gain public fame did not have any negative consequences for her private or professional life. And Piper is doing well in preschool too, although of course she stands out with her three fathers.

An extraordinary story, an extraordinary relationship! I’m sure Piper and Parker will have a lovely childhood with their three fathers. Here are links to other poignant and exciting articles and galleries:

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