Funny pictures that are a little weird on second glance

Funny pictures that are a little weird on second glance

Funny pictures that can be found in the family album were often created in chaotic moments. An encounter with Santa Claus, a strange costume, an unexpected visit – the best moments are spontaneous.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

With some photos that you dig up again after a long time, however, you notice that they seem rather strange without their context. Funny pictures are probably hanging on the wall somewhere in every house and only the residents themselves don’t find anything unsettling about them.

Anyone who sees the following splendid specimens simply has to ask himself who came up with the idea to keep something like this as a nice memory. Maybe you have to be there to understand it?

1. Lord Vader has set himself too much

You don’t know who looks creepier: Darth Vader or the boy.

2. Not a candidate for the family album

Things are a little bit out of control here.

3. The seeds of evil

Sibling photos hanging in the hallway can tell you a lot about the family. Sometimes even more than you wanted to know.

4. The pupae have broken out

The other day in the mall. Just go on and don’t turn around.

5. Nice memories

Actually, he didn’t want a sibling at all. He’d rather be an only child.

6. Very funny

Everyone but the teenager found this situation funny. At some point she will secretly make the photo disappear.

7. Typical grandma Annegret

The evening when Grandma came in through the patio door with a freshly shot opossum – we laughed.

8. On the twelve

This Santa Claus came straight from his last bar fight to the mall to listen to the children’s wishes.

9. Funny pictures from the lovely neighbors

Well, that was the wrong corner to turn around here. Smile, nod and slowly back out of the scene.

10. Sister heart

“We’ve had this photo of my little sister hanging in the living room for ages. Nobody remembers the context and nobody seems to find it scary. ”

11. He just wants to play

When the neighbors called the police, everyone realized that it didn’t look so funny from the outside.

12. Surrounded by darkness

The teen rebels of the 2000s seem a little scary to Santa Claus.

13. She was like that even as a child

Again, everything is completely normal and not a bit unsettling. All are happy.

14. Don’t turn around, there are strange pictures behind us

When you look at the figures in the background, you suddenly have the feeling of being caught in a ghost train.

15. The silent watch bird

Just no, penguin man. Just no.

Scary images are usually completely harmless. If you know the context, the disturbing photos suddenly turn into funny pictures. For some of this, however, there is hardly an explanation that makes them seem less strange. The only thing that helps is a determined closing of the photo album.

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