Funny pictures of babies with old faces

Funny pictures of babies with old faces

Anyone who has just had a child takes as many photos of them as possible. Sometimes it’s a professional baby photo shoot, sometimes it’s random snapshots with a cell phone camera.

Fancy some really fun videos? (Scroll down to the article.)

Sweet and funny pictures of the little ones are devotedly collected and shown to friends and relatives at every opportunity. Baby pictures, however, are especially funny when the little ones look like they are bad-tempered pensioners who want to complain about the neighbors’ children.

When such funny pictures appear in the family album or, even better, end up framed on the wall of the home, parents can already giggle and rub their hands together. One day the kid will be a teenager and maybe bring someone home. And then it’s time for a photo show.

1. He just wants to know where his slippers are

“My son’s birth certificate says he is a week old, but his forehead looks like that of an 80-year-old grandfather.”

My son. Birth certificate says 1 week, but the forehead wrinkles say your 80-year-old grandfather who looks vaguely like a bulldog and falls asleep in his recliner while chewing on a stogie. from r / oldbabies

2. Not exactly thrilled

Born in 2020. We all understand her mood.

Born in the year 2020. from r / oldbabies

3. Happy hour

“This baby looks like the host of your favorite bar.”

This baby looks like he’s ready to pour you a pint at his pub. from r / funny

4. Danny DeVito would agree

“My son looked like Danny DeVito.”

My son used to look like Danny Devito. from r / pics

5. She doesn’t want to hear about this nonsense

“It’s time to change WHAT?”

Time to change what? from r / oldbabies

6. She is indignant

“Wrap her in a doily, put a flower headband on her and then we’ll take adorable baby photos.”

7. He sits on the bench in front of his house and comments on the weather

This is not a baby, this is a good-humored middle-aged man.

He’s figuring out which cup Wesley poisoned from r / oldbabies

8. A cheerful nature

She will one day become a comedy great.

Born on the 21st hour of the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century, heres my newborn daughter striking a pose for the camera from r / daddit

9. You can do it!

He looks like a father who wants to motivate his adult children.

At 5 months old my son already has the best school photo ever from r / funny

10. Grumpy and old

This baby has a few complaints about the overall situation.

PsBattle: This Disgruntled Baby from r / photoshopbattles

11. Early burnout

He looks like he’s having a midlife crisis.

“Lost my job, lost my wife, lost my binky.” from r / oldbabies

12. The bald head of wisdom

An uncle around 50 or a baby who will hopefully have more hair? One does not know.

When you gotta finish that fresh batch of cookies but have nap time at 3 from r / oldbabies

13. Punk ain’t dead, Punk just has diapers

He looks like an aged punk.

14. That looks like trouble

This is the neighbor who urgently wants to talk about the condition of the lawn.

15. Being born is pretty stressful

The little one is two weeks old, but he looks like an annoyed 60-year-old.

New to reddit and found this thread … had the perfect picture from when my son was two weeks old 😂 from r / oldbabies

Baby pictures are mostly cute and often funny. But the funniest pictures are the ones in which the little ones prove that they have no reason to control themselves and that they don’t care about politeness. You can just see every mood on their faces and that’s weird.

Thumbnails: © Reddit / StarKing18 © Reddit / allshowernoflower

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