Funny pictures from Russian dating sites

Funny pictures from Russian dating sites

The internet has revolutionized the search for a partner. With the help of dating sites and apps, every pot – no matter how dented it is – should find its lid. The following curious finds from Russian dating sites illustrate in a funny way that a seductive and expressive profile is the alpha and omega of the online vanity market.

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When looking for a partner online, you have to work hard to stand out from the crowd. The battle for attention seems to be in full swing on Russian dating sites as well. However, Russian users seem to have a slightly different definition of “good side”, as these pictures show.

1. Instead of hammer and sickle: ax and rose.

Russian dating site profile picture from r / awfuleverything

2. This is how you can declare war on house dust mites.

3. Thank you for the flowers!

Thorn attackers, they grow once every decade in a random toilet, nearest person is the owner of the plants they shoot thorns at 100 kph. from r / ItemShop

4. Sizzling loo romance. Better not to know what the stain on her arm is all about.

5. So far, the Russian Spiderman has not yet hit the net.

6. She loves quiet hours by the sea.

7. What is the young artist trying to tell us? Maybe: “I always have fruit in my house.”

8. “Do not be bothered, Grandma!”

9. Women and punching bags adore him.

10. When ordering Arielle on eBay classifieds.

11. A fearless samurai – and his fluffy fighting dog.

12. The Russian George Michael.

13. She likes role-playing games. This means: “Kidnapped by the butcher.”

14. The arrangement is perfectly coordinated in terms of color.

15. A rough gem in the landfill of love.

16. Such an exquisite tapestry is an ideal status symbol …

holy carpet and it’s disciple from r / ANormalDayInRussia

17. … that encourages top performance.

18. Woman is looking for a farmer – or a tractor.

licking that car clean !! from r / MakeMeSuffer

19. This picture does not go on a cow skin.

20. Glitz and glamor are always part of the party.

Pics from a Russian dating site. Awful eyebrows or awful everything? You decide! from r / awfuleyebrows

21. He knows how to feed his family.

22. Old Soviet wrestlers also need love.

Captain Communist … defender of socialism from r / ANormalDayInRussia

As is well known, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. These Russian Romeos and Julias should definitely attract attention with their tapestries, samurai swords and sausage shackles.

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