Funny pictures: 20 embarrassing youth photos

Funny pictures: 20 embarrassing youth photos

Life means change. This becomes clear to you at the latest when you discover old photos of yourself. This person with the wild hairstyle and the freaky clothes, who looks confidently into the camera, should you really have been yourself? Sometimes the embarrassing youth photos are so funny that it would be a shame to simply leave them to gather dust in the drawer.

Fancy some really fun videos? (Scroll down to the embarrassing youth photos.)

Hand on heart: each of us has embarrassing youth photos lying around somewhere. So why should you keep the funny pictures from your fellow human beings? On the online platform Reddit, users set a good example and share the embarrassing mementos with the Internet community.

1. “That’s how I walked around the university.”

This is how I showed to to university. I wanted to make a statement. Apparently that statement was cross the street with your kids when I come walking down the sidewalks oh muggles … from r / blunderyears

2. “When I was 15, I thought if I shaved off my eyebrows it would be easier to make them symmetrical.”

At 15, I thought if I shaved my eyebrows off it would be easier to make them symmetrical. For this heinous act, I am sorry. from r / blunderyears

3. “That’s me at 16. I’m a guy.”

This was me at 16 … I’m a dude from r / blunderyears

4. “At the age of 4 I had already completely finished my life.”

I was 100% done with life at the age of 4. from r / blunderyears

5. “In 1987 I got myself a permed mullet to look like Patrick Swayze. Instead I looked like a lesbian biker. “

In 1987 I permed my mullet to look more like Patrick Swayze. I ended up looking like a lesbian biker. from r / blunderyears

6. “My friend’s daughter spotted me in an old class photo. And she didn’t stop laughing. “

My friends daughter found me in our junior high year book. And they laughed, and laughed .. from r / blunderyears

7. “Somehow I had completely suppressed the phase in which I painted glasses and a smiley on my face every day.”

Somehow removed the period of time that I would draw glasses and a smiley face on my face every day from my memory from r / blunderyears

8. “You can imagine how cool I was in school.”

In case you couldn’t tell, I was really cool in high school from r / blunderyears

9. “Me, around 1991. My mom allowed me to use the laser background. I am so proud of this photo! “

Me, circa 1991. My mom let me get the laser background. I am so proud of this pic! from r / blunderyears

10. “My poor parents … they bravely endured my Billy Idol skateboarding phase in 1987.”

My poor Parents … Being nice to me back in 1987 during my Billy Idol Skateboarding Phase from r / blunderyears

11. “If you want to look like Kurt Cobain but are called ‘MMMbop’ instead.”

When you go for the Kurt Cobain but end up getting called “mmm bop” from r / blunderyears

12. “My parents supported my rebel phase.”

My parents kindly supported my peak edgelord phase 🙂 from r / blunderyears

13. “Facebook kindly reminds me of how embarrassing I was at school. Sharp fishnet stockings stuffed with grass. “

Good ol ‘facebook reminding me of how cringey I was in highschool. Hot pink fishnets stuffed with grass from r / blunderyears

14. “Every time my wife sees the photo, she snorts with laughter. I thought I was cool. “

Anytime my wife sees this she burst out laughing … I thought I looked cool from r / blunderyears

15. Exactly the right tie for the festive occasion.

Groovy baby! from r / blunderyears

16. “I don’t know what was wrong with me in 6th grade.”

I don’t even know what happened in 6th Grade from r / blunderyears

17. “I call the look ‘Christian Goth Grandma’ – I was pretty brave for a 12 year old in 1995.”

I call this look “Christian Granny Goth” and it was pretty bold for a 12 year old in 1995 from r / blunderyears

18. “Not that bad, but in fourth grade I looked like Jimmy Neutron in that hairy helmet. I am a girl by the way. “

Not terrible, but I spent 4th grade cosplaying as Jimmy Neutron with that helmet of hair. I’m a girl btw. from r / blunderyears

19. “I had a blonde mohawk, but still wanted streaks.”

Had a blonde Mohawk, cut the rest of my hair, but still wanted bangs. Behold. from r / blunderyears

20. “My best friend asked me to share this 15-year-old photo of her from our college days.”

My best friend wanted me to show off this beaut to this subreddit, dated 15 years back. Our college dayz .. To answer your question, yes she had an assortment of Bob Marley posters in her dorm room and yes her parents gave her a full ride to pursue an art degree. from r / blunderyears

With enough distance you can laugh at anything – including old sins of youth. And ultimately, these funny finds teach you one thing above all: that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously.

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