Funny pictures: 16 design failures to shame others

Funny pictures: 16 design failures to shame others

A good design should not only represent the brand name, but should also be burned into the customer’s memory thanks to its uniqueness. But some designers go too far when trying to completely reinvent the wheel. Because the only thing that burns at the sight of their strange creations are the eyes of the customers.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the design fails.)

The following designers have gone so far wrong when it comes to style that you can’t get away from being ashamed of others when you see their design failures.

1. The question inevitably arises: What the hell is that?

Fashion is evolving. from r / CrappyDesign

2. No tampons in your pocket? No problem with this skirt!

Not really “crappy” but still. from r / CrappyDesign

3. “Come on, we’ll put little green crowns on our bread bags that make the bread look moldy!”

This bread packaging that makes it look like is moldy 🤢 from r / CrappyDesign

4. Thanks to this design fail, you’ll never have to wash up again! Nobody sees whether the plates are clean or dirty anyway.

“Lets just make our plates look like they haven’t been washed in 4 years” from r / CrappyDesign

5. The designer stairs of death – with a broken neck guarantee!

These stairs in my in-laws summerhouse. We have parties here so going down these stairs drunk is a challange. from r / CrappyDesign

6. This rug is particularly popular with cat owners whose velvet paws cannot always find the litter box.

This high-end rug that appears to have been pooped on from r / CrappyDesign

7. What a brand name on the back can say !?

This shirt when you’re walking from r / CrappyDesign

8. “I thought the mattress was just badly soiled, but then I noticed the details.”

I thought it was a horribly stained mattress until I focused on the details from r / CrappyDesign

9. “I got this sweet soap as a present, but after washing my hands for the first time, I no longer dare to go into my bathroom.”

10. Who doesn’t know them? The city of love, the home of the Eiffel Tower: PAAIS.

PaAis, the most romantic city in the world. from r / CrappyDesign

11. “It was supposed to be a lazy Shiba Inu on a leash, but the execution has become unexpectedly macabre.”

Supposed to be lazy shiba inu being pulled on a leash but the execution is unexpectedly morbid … from r / CrappyDesign

12. Pigeon pumps – the statement for today’s woman … without taste!

13. Finally a shirt for the office on which the coffee stains are no longer noticeable.

14. What’s the matter with Mickey?

15. The writing on these sneakers shows why you should stay away from plagiarism.

Take out some letters in Adidas and rearrange them, you got a new brand! (And a new meaning) from r / crappyoffbrands

16. Hey, an eraser you can’t erase with. How creative!

What’s the point of the eraser? from r / CrappyDesign

Maybe it would have been helpful if these designers had used or tried on their own creations beforehand? Then you would have surely noticed that your daring creations are perhaps a little too abstract for most of your potential customers. You can find even more funny pictures of design failures to make others feel ashamed of here:

Thumbnail: © Reddit / chmiiller

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