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Funny dogs that really love to play hide and seek

Funny dogs that really love to play hide and seek

Dogs love to hide from their humans. Some of them are also real artists, who one then searches for hours, while the loyal four-legged friends are probably having a great time in their hiding place.

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Other candidates, on the other hand, consider themselves hiding experts, but from the outside you might disagree. But these funny dogs enjoy playing hide and seek so much that you can’t have the heart to destroy their illusion.

The following dogs are hidden until they cannot be found, perfectly hidden, simply swallowed by the earth, and all of them have a promising career as a master spy ahead of them.

At least that’s what they believe.

1. Has anyone seen the dog?

The good old sit under the covers trick.

2. Hidden in the bushes

“I’ve been looking for her for hours, but I just can’t find her …”

3. Swallowed by the ground

Sitting behind the curtain is a classic hiding place. Maybe it’s enough to just stick your head in.

4. Type case with four-legged friends

Search picture with dog. If he keeps very still, no one will find him.

5. Get out of the crowd

He has been among like-minded people and merges seamlessly with his surroundings.

6. Just there, now gone

Here, too, the disappearance in botany works almost seamlessly.

7. Dog or stone?

Well, this dog is really hard to see. The round goes to him.

8. He’s fine

If you are looking for your dog, you should always look in the next pile of leaves.

9. Undercover

Don’t throw it on the bed with a running run. Playing hide and seek also works in the bedroom.

10. Hidden in the brush

Where there is no pile of leaves, there is sometimes a fallen tree.

11. He only peeks out

If you are looking for the dog, you could find it behind the sun-yellow armchair. Maybe.

12. The head under the curtain

He’s either trying to play hide and seek or he just didn’t want to get up today.

13. He won’t betray her

“I don’t know where my sister is either. Didn’t see them. “

14. He needs his beauty sleep

It’s very simple: as long as he doesn’t see you, you can’t see him either.

15. The double dog

The next level of the dog hide and seek game: You just hide under another dog.

These funny dogs really think they’ve found excellent hiding spots. This is a good thing because it can be a way of pretending to look for them in confusion for a while. After all, you don’t want to disappoint them – and where else can you get such funny dog ​​photos?

Thumbnails: © Facebook / Michelle Mabarak Steiner © Facebook / Melanie Loyley

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