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Funny animals that melt into puddles

Funny animals that melt into puddles

Anyone who has a pet has definitely seen the animal family member liquefy. Deeply relaxed and seemingly boneless, the animals hang on their favorite armchair and know neither worries nor stress. Enviable.

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“Melted” animals are the popular motif of funny animal photos, because they seem to whistle about all the rules of physics in their comfort. Sometimes it’s the heat, sometimes cozy tiredness and sometimes an unwelcome bath that turns funny animals into liquid animals.

Not only pets sometimes melt on a smooth surface. Even the wild fellows in the cities and in the country sometimes let go of all body tension and become funny animals without bones.

1. A sleepy, content bird

The little owl is tired. The tired little owl is slowly turning into a feathery puddle.

First time I’ve seen an Owl lying flat on its stomach! from r / aww

2. Not enthusiastic

A little known fact is that cats can dissolve in water. No, the cats themselves don’t think that’s funny either.

75% wet cat from r / wetcats

3. More fleece than joints

Here you can see the usual fluidization of an average cat. It is directly related to the degree of relaxation experienced.

4. Tired and puddled

The dog melted in the heat. This large four-legged friend melts into a gray dog ​​blob.

This dog is melting from r / aww

5. What is there to gawk at?

The pigeon does its best to transform into a puddle of feathers, and its outraged look lets the viewer know that this is a private matter.

Was finishing up my lunch when I saw this bird try and melt into the ground … and then stare at me like I was wrong for judging from r / funny

6. A nap is announced

The more sleepy the rabbit becomes, the more it loses its rabbit shape.

7. Don’t sit on it!

Beware, there is a small, satisfied hamster blob on the sofa.

Someone spilled their hamster on the couch

8. Nothing but fluff

When a chinchilla falls asleep in its hammock, it completely loses its shape.

Melted chinchilla sleeping on his hammock (x-post r / aww) from r / chinchilla

9. The dog is broken

He’s so tired he’s melting. His tongue is already dripping on the floor.

So tired he’s melting from r / aww

10. Warmth makes cats liquid

Somebody really lets the sun shine on their stomach.

Help needed! My friend’s cat melted … what do we do ?? from r / aww

11. Liquid animals are fun animals

If the heat is sufficient, traffic cones melt just like raccoons.

12. Fluffy without clear boundaries

Where does the dog end and where does the carpet begin? Hard to say.

send help, my dog ​​is melting from r / pics

13. A spot pattern

Here, too, a tired dog merges seamlessly with its ground. No longer to be found.

I managed to capture this before my girlfriend’s dog completely melted into the floor from r / aww

14th washing day

This cat, too, has dissolved in the water against her will, and she disagrees.

Melting Cat! from r / aww

15. A piggy with an aura

This guinea pig has found a new way to get runny: by brushing out its long, silky fur.

The cure for baldness reads in its genes. from r / pics

The internet is full of funny animal photos, but animals melted with relaxation steal the show from them all. Whoever can become so soft and shapeless has unlocked the secret of a fulfilled life.

Thumbnails: © Reddit / raynehk14 © Reddit

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