Funny animals teach their people something

Funny animals teach their people something

There are funny animals that train their people. Perhaps it started with people wanting to teach them something and rewarding them with pats and delicacies. Classical conditioning works often enough.

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But suddenly the animal lovers found themselves as the ones who respond to command and do what the animals expect of them. It can go that fast. Of course, of all pets, cats are said to be manipulative, but they are far from the only ones.

It’s hard to say who conditioned whom here, but clever and funny animals usually quickly get the hang of it when it comes to getting their way. After all, someone has to open the can with the food when they’re hungry.

1. Not without my cat

“My cat wants to take the bathtub with me. As soon as I let in the water, she hops into her plastic box and I carry her to the bathtub. “

2. Have! Me! Dear!

“My cat hits me with her head in the face every night when she doesn’t get her evening kisses.”

3. The laundry thief

“One day my cat brought me a sock and I praised and petted him for it. Now he keeps bringing me laundry items from everywhere. “

4. The cat with claims

“My cat prefers to drink from a glass on my bedside table than from a bowl. In the meantime I always have her own glass standing there and make sure that it is filled. “

5. The guardians of bedtime

“My wife and I have early bed times during the week. Whenever we go to bed later than usual, our dogs are personally offended and sigh passively-aggressively until we finally go to sleep. “

6. The clear request

“One of my cats always brings me his favorite toy when he wants to be praised and petted. I really don’t know who trained whom here. “

7. Good night!

“My ex had a parrot that mimicked the exact beeping sound a cell phone makes when you plug it in to charge it in the evening. He was telling you that he was tired now and needed a nap. I miss this bird. “

8. Spider in sight?

“When my cat was staring at a spider on the wall and I noticed it, I gave him treats out of gratitude. He made a note of it and then kept an eye out for spiders. Now I always get nervous when he stares intently at the wall. “

9. Hopefully saved

“My cat jumps on the button on my Xbox when he thinks I’ve played long enough.” If a pet can be forgiven, it is a cat.

10. This is good communication

“When my turtle is hungry, it will sit on my foot.”

11. Education in politeness

“Every time I sneeze, my cat meows briefly twice to say ‘health’ and then I say ‘thank you’. If I don’t answer ‘thank you’, she will meow until I do. “

12. A well trained person

“When I get home, my cat rushes into the bathroom and waits for me there until I come and put her on the sink. Then I have to turn the tap on so she can drink from it. It works like this every day. “

13. Now we have the salad

“During the week I get up very early and give the cat fresh food at 4am. Of course he doesn’t care about the weekends, he just makes terror at 4 o’clock in the morning until he gets his food. “

14. It was agreed that way!

“If we eat something that the bitch also likes, she brings us one of her chewing bones as an exchange offer. If we are not careful and accept what she is holding out to us, she will try to grab something from our plate. After all, we went into the trade. “

15. They trained each other

“My dog ​​barks at every animal he sees on TV. At some point I started telling him which animals he could bark at and which were too big for him. Now he barks first and then looks at me expectantly so that I can tell him if it’s okay. “

When funny animals have figured out the best way to train their humans, then most of the time you don’t even notice that you are suddenly doing what the valued pet wants you as a biped. But if you’re already there, then you can make your darling happy.

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