Funny animals act like humans

Funny animals act like humans

If someone treats animals as if they were “human”, then that is neither healthy for humans nor for animals. Animals are not a substitute for other people, a partner or a child.

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However, this does not mean that animals do not have complex emotions and never behave in such a way that humans can recognize themselves in them. They do the craziest and smartest things and remind us that we have more in common with them than we think.

1. Same expression

Regardless of whether it’s a baby gorilla or a human baby – a stethoscope is cold and it tickles a little.

This is how a baby gorilla and a baby human react to a cold stethoscope from r / likeus

2. No human animals, but best friends for sure

He barks to call her. She comes out, the two of them greet each other and then go for a walk together.

She barks to call him. He comes, they rub and greet each other and they go for a walk. from r / AnimalsBeingBros

3. A wise savior

When the lady pig’s owner named Lulu had a heart attack, Lulu ran out into the street and brought people back to the house, who found the sick woman and called an ambulance.

4. We can still learn from this

African gray parrots have been taught that they can “buy” food with plastic chips. Then you gave one parrot several chips and none to the other. The “rich” parrot always gave the “poor” parrot a few chips so that both of them had something to eat.

They support each other from r / likeus

5. How beautiful!

The impulse to admire a baby clearly transcends the boundaries of the species.

Admiring baby like us from r / likeus

6. The confusion is great

“I had a video chat with my cat and she recognized me.”

What are doing there? from r / likeus

7. Funny animals take a trip

While the zoo was closed, the penguins were allowed to tour the aquarium.

Shedd Aquarium’s penguins continue exploring the empty aquarium during its closure from r / aww

8. Film that, otherwise nobody will believe it

The neighbor dog sneaks out at night and rides his pony around.

Neighbor’s Corgi was sneaking onto her property at night and riding her pony. from r / likeus

9. A nifty little simulant

The vet couldn’t find anything: the dog faked a cough to get extra attention.

Dog intentionally fake coughs to get more attention, if this isn’t intelligent behavior I don’t know what is from r / likeus

10. Father-son time

A gorilla and his son look at a caterpillar together.

Silverback and his son, calmly observe a caterpillar. from r / Damnthatsinteresting

11. Pretty patterns in icy air

Who hasn’t admired their breath in the air on a cold day? This cow understands.

cow experimenting with condensation from r / likeus

12. Hard to reach places

A bird uses its own fancy feather to scratch itself.

Bird uses his own feather for some satisfying head scritches 🙂 from r / likeus

13. Like an old couple

A pair of orangutans goes for a walk holding hands.

Orangutan Couple Walking In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from r / likeus

14. Funny animals like their fruit well peeled

The banana is carefully peeled and cleaned before it is eaten.

Banana time with the little one from r / aww

15. He dreams of music

“Bear breaks into the house and plays the piano, but not very well.” Leave him alone, it’s his first attempt.

he’s doing the best he can from r / likeus

Anthropomorphic animals that appear “human” are so funny because people get their own behavior reflected. Sometimes the four-legged friends are friendlier and more compassionate than the people around them.

Thumbnails: © Reddit / MarcoMale

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