Frills on dogs and cats that are not enthusiastic

Frills on dogs and cats that are not enthusiastic

Every pet owner knows it: the collar of shame. Sooner or later your four-legged friend will have to wear a neck brace from the vet for a few days. Everyone involved then simply has to go through it.

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The leak protection prevents the dog or cat from following their instinct to lick a freshly sewn surgical wound and thus loosen the sutures. But how can you explain this to an animal that is furious at the world in general and its people in particular?

The angry faces of the indignant animals are something that you can laugh about in retrospect – when you have brought yourself and your potted plants to safety from the anger of the now freed four-legged friends.

1. The little lamp

The ruff and the cat both want to have a word with their human.

Head-bump loving cats are the WORST when they have the cone of shame! from r / AnimalsBeingJerks

2. Not funny!

The cat wants to speak to the manager.

This cone is my life now from r / thisismylifenow

3. Are you okay?

The ruff will not prevent the dog from taking care of the human pup.

Secret Meeting from r / coneofshame

4. His vengeance will come

“Someone will pay for this!”

5. No group cuddling

The ruff and her dog are given their own basket until he is better.

Cone of Cooties from r / coneofshame

6. He will not forget that

“I am very, very disappointed in you.”

Idk what’s worse, the cone of shame or the kitty pajamas. He doesn’t seem to be happy about either. from r / funny

7. Brothers are there for one another

The ruff can only annoy one dog, the other will cheer him up again.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words from r / aww

8. He wears it with composure

He looks into the distance with dignity until this crap is over.

9. Disagree

The ruff is not what the cat ordered.

Dennis does not like the cone of shame. from r / aww

10. I’ve had enough

You might want to bury your head in the sand.

My first real reddit post. My boyfriend said I should upload this. Our cat is wearing a cone of shame right now and she keeps trying to lick her tummy. from r / cats

11. At some point everyone goes crazy

“Get me out of here!”

No Shame in this Cone from r / coneofshame

12. Take that away!

The leak protection ruined the dog’s day.

This little guy is not happy about the cone of shame. from r / aww

13. Difficulties

“Hi? Are you back there? I can’t see you! “

14. Plans for revenge are forged

If she gets out of there, someone will pay for this disaster.

15. The birdie has got the hang of it

And here is someone who is completely out of the ordinary: no dog, no cat and absolutely no bad mood.

Yes, some animals will soon burst their necks in the truest sense of the word and they will have to have a serious word with their humans. Isn’t it enough that you have had an operation? Do you have to look like a bedside lamp for days afterwards?

Thumbnails: © Reddit / Siyfion © Reddit / Killmoeweee

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