Flea market finds that cause confusion

Flea market finds that cause confusion

Second-hand shops are full of surprises. While browsing, you can find real treasures there! However, there are also some curiosities that simply leave you perplexed at first and second glance.

The strangest videos. (Scroll down to the article.)

Here you can marvel at 14 of the strangest finds – one more weird than the other:

1. The ominous brown spots make the horror perfect.

Play that funky baby, white boy

2. “The chair you’ve heard of.”

3. The coffee tastes better then.

Our eyes met across the aisle of the thrift store. from r / ThriftStoreHauls

4. Better than the original.

Thrifted this from the goodwill bins. Arguably the best thing I’ve found at the thrift store. from r / ThriftStoreHauls

5. The perfect partner look.

It was a great day for thrift shopping …. taking selfies … not so much

6. This “interactive” book for men.

This “interactive” book from r / WTFgaragesale

7. Hopefully she won’t get into a traffic stop.

Thrift store find of the season. from r / funny

8. The American head of state can only dream of the six-pack.

My mom and sister found this at a thrift store from r / ThriftStoreHauls

9. “An unusual chocolate shape.”

The thrift store called this an “unusual old chocolate mold” from r / mildlyinteresting

10. Invites you to linger.

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11. The poor mermaid must have been through a lot.

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12. “I bought this mask at a thrift store. The 20 dollars were well invested. “

13. On closer inspection, no such innocent penguins.

I found a coffee mug decorated with a penguin orgy. I didn’t notice it was a penguin orgy until I got home, I just saw penguins and grabbed it. from r / ThriftStoreHauls

14. A rock for a dollar? What a bargain!

Goodwill was selling a rock. from r / mildlyinteresting

It’s great to see the hidden bizarre things that can be found in other people’s junk. So definitely keep your eyes peeled the next time you visit the thrift store or the flea market!

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