Fall asleep in no time with the “4-7-8” trick

Fall asleep in no time with the “4-7-8” trick

Many people have already had the experience at least once in their lives: they had a stressful day, at some point fall into bed and just want to sleep. But somehow it doesn’t work despite being tired and you toss and turn in bed. Grandma’s secret was always hot milk with honey, others tried counting sheep in order to finally let themselves fall into the realm of dreams. But none of these methods worked reliably.

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Here’s a trick on how to breathe properly and thus fall asleep in no time. You should do it regularly, every morning after waking up and every evening before going to sleep, in order to get the body used to it and to optimize the effect.

If this exercise has become second nature to you, you can not only look forward to a refreshing sleep at night. This trick called “4-7-8” also helps immediately in stressful situations, panic attacks or high blood pressure! Just try it out, it doesn’t cost anything and is guaranteed to convince you!

1. Inhale

Everything starts, of course, with inhalation. First, position the tongue on top of the roof of the mouth behind the incisors. Then you slowly take a breath and count up in your head 4th.


2. Hold your breath

Now you hold your breath relaxed and count up inside 7th. Now the body has enough time to absorb the oxygen and supply all organs with energy. The oxygen supply in the blood increases and the body begins to relax.


3. Exhale

When you exhale you count up to 8th. Make sure you breathe out evenly and without pressure. If you can hear a faint noise, you’re doing everything right. The slow exhalation ensures that the “used” air actually leaves the body. Great side effect: the pulse is lowered and the body calms down noticeably. You can almost feel now how slowly the tension is falling. With practice, this trick works anywhere, anytime of the day or night. Even with stress or panic attacks, the body relaxes within seconds. It is even said to help against high blood pressure in general. And all of this only through proper breathing!

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In the beginning 4 repetitions in the morning and in the evening are sufficient, after 2 months you can do 8 repetitions each. If you practice it regularly, it works most effectively. But this trick is also a real blessing in acute stress. And before anyone uses sleeping pills or other questionable aids again, he or she should try the “4-7-8” trick first.

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