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Eerie nature: 15 scary nature images

Eerie nature: 15 scary nature images

While hiking, watching nature films or visiting a zoo or a botanical garden, one is always amazed: The plants and animals that this world produces are so uniquely beautiful. But sometimes nature can also really scare you, as you can see in the following photos.

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The fact that there can be cruel and scary experiences with Mother Earth is sometimes suppressed. But the less beautiful phenomena of nature also belong to the cycle of the world. The following pictures of nature show how sad, scary but also fascinating the “dark side” of nature can be.

1. A gruesome bee’s nest built around a mask.

Bees nest which formed around a mask

2. This happened after the fox fell into the river.

3. The fire ants form an island so that their home is not washed away.

4. The tree was struck by lightning and burned out completely.

This tree in Nebraska was struck by lightning and burning afterwards a day later from r / mildlyinteresting

5. A cicada during its molt.

6. A reindeer loses the velvet of its antlers.

7. After the lava cooled, the cave looked like the entrance to hell.

Lava formation at West Kamokuna Skylight, HI looks like corpses sliding into hell. From r / creepy

8. When these flowers begin to wither, they resemble human skulls.

9. The fish’s teeth look like human teeth.

10. This snake did not think that its prey would bite its belly.

11. The mother owl built her nest from dead lemmings to protect her eggs.

12. No, this is not a snake but a caterpillar.

13. A vulture with fresh blood on its beak.

14. The crab has found a new house. Eerily, it’s the head of a plastic doll.

15. Test of courage: who dares to touch this pillar?

The wonders of nature can be pretty scary – but above all, incredibly fascinating. But as the saying goes: if there is a light side, then there must also be a dark side. This is part of the cycle of nature.

Thumbnail: © Twitter / benakh

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