Dotted pudding disguises itself as a cake

Dotted pudding disguises itself as a cake

There is hardly anyone who did not love pudding in their childhood. But as an adult, you hardly ever eat delicious chocolate pudding anymore. It’s actually a shame, we thought and developed a recipe that lifts the childhood classic to adult level.

For this you need:

For the white chocolate pudding:

  • 350 g finely chopped white chocolate
  • 400 ml of hot cream
  • 6 sheets of gelatin
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 50 grams of sugar

For the brown chocolate pudding:

  • 250 g finely chopped dark chocolate
  • 500 ml of hot cream
  • 4 sheets of gelatin
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 50 grams of sugar

That is how it goes:

1.) For the white chocolate pudding, first mix the chopped white chocolate with the hot cream and gelatin; soak the latter in cold water beforehand. Keep stirring until the chocolate and gelatin in the cream have dissolved.

2.) Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until creamy.

3.) Carefully stir the cream and chocolate mixture into the egg and sugar mixture.

Tip: It is best to stir the mixture until it is cold. This will prevent the ingredients from separating when they cool down.

4.) Pour 1/3 of the white chocolate pudding onto a small baking sheet and let it set. Then cut out small circles with a bottle cap, for example.

Tip: While you are setting the white pudding, make the dark chocolate pudding – just as you did the white one before.

5.) Spread the circles in a hemispherical bowl or silicone mold.

6.) Fill 2/3 of the dark chocolate pudding into the mold.

7.) Now take a smaller mold and carefully press it into the center of the chocolate pudding.

8.) Wait until the chocolate pudding has set and then carefully remove the small bowl.

9.) Now fill the remaining 2/3 of the white chocolate pudding into the hollow; If the pudding has become firm by now, simply warm it up briefly in the microwave, then it will become liquid again. Then briefly refrigerate the pudding so that it hardens.

10.) Finally fill the last third of the dark chocolate pudding into the mold. The same applies here: briefly warm it up in the microwave if it has already set.

11.) Put the whole thing in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Gently tip the pudding out before serving.

At first, this dessert actually looks like an extraordinary cake. The idea of ​​working with different chocolate puddings and arranging them in a pattern is just brilliant and unique. Look forward to the amazed eyes of your family and friends!

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