Doctor joke of the day: Small talk at the gynecologist

Doctor joke of the day: Small talk at the gynecologist

Visiting the doctor is not a pleasant affair – especially not when you have to go to the gynecologist. Calming nervous patients is not as easy as the gynecologist discovered in this doctor’s joke of the day.

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A gynecologist invites a patient in. When she enters the treatment room, he notices that she is very nervous. To break the ice, the doctor tries small talk. While putting on the gloves, he asks: “Do you know how latex gloves are made?”

“No,” says the patient. – “There are factories in China in which a lot of people with hands of different sizes stand in front of huge vats, dip their hands in the liquid latex and let it air dry,” says the doctor.

The woman doesn’t make a face and the doctor begins the examination, but after a few minutes she suddenly bursts into laughter. The doctor looks up, startled, and asks: “What’s going on? What’s so funny?”
The woman says: “I’m just imagining how condoms are made.”

My gynecologist just asked if I wanted the blinds left open.

Well, at least the gynecologist relieved his patient of fear. For doctors, empathy, knowledge of human nature and humor are at least as important as medical expertise. The white coats can also sing a song about this in these doctor jokes:

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