DIY Succulent Turtle Planter

DIY Succulent Turtle Planter

Succulents are resilient little things – they can withstand almost all forms of neglect without so much as losing a leaf. That’s probably a huge part of why they’ve steadily been climbing up the list of most popular plants for years now. But it’s not just the low maintenance that makes succulents the ultimate plant. Another reason why they’re so beloved is because they look incredibly cute. Much like snowflakes, no 2 succulents are alike, but what they do have in common is kind of a funky look that makes them a great addition to any space. But if you want to up your succulent game, check out this awesome DIY project for an adorable succulent turtle planter!

You’ll Need:

  • hanging planter with coconut mat
  • moss
  • potting soil
  • chicken wire
  • pliers
  • green acrylic paint
  • wire
  • 4 small flower pots
  • 2 wooden beads
  • succulents

Here’s How:

1. First remove the coconut mat from the planter and fill it with moss and then potting soil.

2. Take the coconut mat and, from the edge going into the center, make 4 cuts at regular intervals, then fold the segments inward. Then place the mat on top of the potting soil in the planter.

3. Put a piece of chicken wire on top and cut off any protruding wire with a pair of pliers. Bend the ends around the planter to hold together the planter, the contents of the planter, and the wire.

4. Use acrylic paint to paint the 4 small flower pots green and attach them to the chicken wire with the opening facing upward.

5. Form 2 cylinders, one small and one larger, from chicken wire and fill them with moss and potting soil. The smaller one can be somewhat pointed – this will be the tail of the turtle, while the larger cylinder will be the head.

6. Place the filled planter with the flower pots on the ground and use pliers to attach the head and tail. If necessary, you can also use some more wire to secure them.

7. For the eyes, thread 2 wooden beads on a piece of wire and attach them to the head.

8. Stick the succulents into the body of the turtle planter. To plant the succulents, you’re going to need to pull the moss apart a little to “dig” a small hole.

After a while, your turtle’s shell is going to be completely covered in succulents and look even cuter than before! This adorable succulent turtle planter is a totally unique eye-catcher for your backyard, balcony, or window sill!

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