Create your own advent calendar

Advent calendars with chocolate, cosmetics or toys: already several weeks before the beginning of December, supermarkets are full of advent calendars with the most diverse themes. Besides parents who buy advent calendars for their children, lovers who are looking for the perfect gift for their partner before Christmas and those who want to sweeten the winter with a personalized calendar of their choice. And of course, there are also a large number of people who prefer to do things themselves.

From the Christmas tree to the advent wreath, including the elves and the cable car, here are 7 ideas for DIY advent calendars.

1. Elves calendar in toilet paper rolls

Make your own advent calendar? That’s not a problem, this idea is suitable for both beginners and more seasoned DIY enthusiasts. With this advent calendar, 24 little elves will accompany you during the period leading up to Christmas.

You can see how to make this lovely advent calendar from toilet paper rolls at the very beginning of the video.

advent calendar in the shape of elves© Media Partisans

2. Advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree

Time flies ! More than a month and a half and we are going to celebrate Christmas. To wait until then, there is the famous advent calendar. You have two choices, buy one in a supermarket or create one yourself which will therefore be personalized and prettier.

Christmas tree shaped advent calendar© Media Partisans

3. Advent calendar-wreath

It’s almost Christmas ! The excitement is gradually giving way to the unbearable expectation of this beautiful moment with the family! Here is a good way to wait while waiting for the big day: a homemade advent calendar that will delight both young and old. Plus, it’s as easy as pie.

crown shaped advent calendar© Media Partisans

4. Advent house

Christmas is just around the corner! And the advent calendar is one of the must-have traditions for the month of December. You can easily create your own and fill it with your favorite little treats.

house shaped advent calendar© Media Partisans

5. Advent calendar in the shape of a cable car

Those who have the habit of giving an advent calendar to loved ones each year know that November is drawing to a close and that it is high time to give some serious thought to this year’s gift. But what to choose among the many options available to you? Buy a classic calendar filled with chocolate, make one with small bags that can be filled individually or go for a more modern version containing cosmetics or toys?

But if you’re more in the mood to do it on your own, this cable car-version advent calendar is probably what you need. All you need are some tea cans, some wires, and a little elbow grease.

Advent calendar in the shape of a cable car© Media Partisans

6. Advent calendar from empty plastic bottles

The range of commercially available advent calendars has grown considerably in recent years. Whether it’s Christmas calendars specially designed for men, calendars with sex toys or calendars with the latest fashionable makeup utensils, there is something for everyone. But anyone who’s ever made an advent calendar knows that it’s a lot more fun than buying one. This article shows you how to make an adorable advent calendar from empty plastic bottles.

advent calendar with empty bottles© Media Partisans

7. Advent calendar in book form

When the days get shorter and the weather forces us to wear scarves, hats and gloves, we know the year is coming to an end and Christmas is just around the corner. Supermarkets already offer a wide range of advent calendars to wait until the big day. However, it is possible to create your own calendar. When you see what it looks like, the feeling of pride will only be greater.

book shaped advent calendar© Media Partisans

These 7 enchanting ideas make Christmas even more magical. These advent calendars are not only beautiful decorations, they are also great gifts to give to loved ones before Christmas.

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