Common problems of very intelligent people

Common problems of very intelligent people

Do you know your own IQ? Probably not, because very few have ever taken an intelligence test. A widespread opinion, however, is that very intelligent people get through life easier and are also more successful. Intelligence is therefore often seen as a desirable quality.

But it is not clear to many that people with above-average intelligence can also have a tough time. A high level of intelligence can pose all kinds of problems in everyday life to those affected and even become a burden. This is an estimated 500,000 people in Germany.

Particularly intelligent people often replace “feeling” with “thinking”, which widens the gap between mental and emotional abilities. The resulting problems range from self-doubt and boredom to excessive demands on everyday things.

10 of the most common problems of highly intelligent people are summarized here for you. If you recognize yourself in this, it may be an indication that your IQ is also above average.

1.) You have self-doubt

Very intelligent people think a lot about everything and everyone. Of course, about themselves too. It is hardly surprising that they set very high standards for themselves. However, this quickly leads to disappointment and self-doubt. Especially when there is no positive feedback.

2.) You find it difficult to make decisions

Another problem that particularly intelligent people often encounter is that they have a large number of interests. So they like to get bogged down, for example starting different courses and dropping them off again. They find it difficult to specialize because they want to do everything at the same time. In their job, therefore, they sometimes lack the necessary sense of purpose.

3.) You are bad at small talk

Small talk is usually difficult for people with above-average intelligence. You can’t do anything with “easy topics” or want to embed them in a larger context. As a result, intelligent people often seem knowledgeable or even dismissive. If they then feign interest, it often becomes exhausting – for both sides.


4.) You lose out in an argument

It is often difficult for very intelligent people to express their own opinion or even to stand up for it. Even if you know exactly where you are. This is due to the fact that they can empathize with their partner in the dispute and understand his arguments. When they have an argument, they always mentally seek a compromise. But before they can present their solution, the argument is often over and the other person feels right.

5.) They think more than they speak

Even if they are very interested in a conversation, very intelligent people are often the quietest of the group. No wonder, because they always see the whole context with every thought and include different perspectives. For this reason, they already miss out on the mission, as the people they are talking to are already on the next topic. Or the other participants in the conversation look at her with wide eyes because they cannot understand the train of thought.


6.) You are overly self-critical

As already indicated, intelligent people often have high expectations of themselves, which leads to self-doubt. The downplaying of one’s own achievements often goes so far that many exceptionally intelligent people believe that they have achieved nothing. Despite an impressive résumé, they feel like they are no good.

7.) You seem arrogant

With particularly intelligent people, you often hear sentences like: “I just did that quickly during the lunch break” or: “It wasn’t a problem at all.” This makes them appear arrogant and shy away from others – with no bad intentions. They really only want to downplay their own performance.

8.) You get bored easily

At work, but also in general, highly intelligent people get bored very quickly. If they then ask for more or more interesting tasks, they are often labeled as nerds. You have to be constantly challenged. A monotonous job is not for them. Which is why they change it more often.

But if, contrary to expectations, you get stuck in a varied job, you will have problems fulfilling your daily obligations due to the constant underload.


9.) You are very perfectionist

Because of their excessive self-criticism, people with above-average intelligence try to do everything 100%. They do not have a task that has only been largely completed. You want a perfect result. The fact that they do not finish some tasks on time annoys both colleagues and bosses.

10.) You often feel overwhelmed

Because of the high demands they place on themselves, very intelligent people quickly feel that they are overwhelmed at work and in other life situations and suffer from fear of failure. They don’t trust themselves and their abilities enough. The more extensive processing of complex processes in their brain also means that they often feel exhausted or overwhelmed.


Do these problems sound familiar to you? You can easily test whether you are really very intelligent with the help of these 3 questions.

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