Clever animals amaze their people

Clever animals amaze their people

Some people have very clever animals as pets and some live with a little fool. It makes no difference – you love them all equally.

The best animal stories can be seen here! (Scroll down to the article.)

Clever animals are a joy and a curse at the same time, because while they are smart and helpful, they also never miss an opportunity to deceive their people in order to gain an advantage.

On the Reddit platform, a participant asked the question “What’s the smartest thing your pet has ever done?” And the answers were not long in coming. People all over the world told stories of the smartest animals they have ever known. The most intelligent animals even make their humans look stupid.

1. The protector with good instincts

“I have a blind bulldog that is only 70 pounds of muscle. She loves all people. As soon as she hears a voice speak, she begins to wiggle her whole body with joy. She sleeps in the same bed as my 4 year old son, likes my cat and the other dogs and is just a lovely sweetheart.

But one evening a colleague drives me home and I ask him in. We’re going into the house. My dog ​​starts wiggling with joy … and suddenly stops. Everything about him becomes threatening and dangerous. He starts growling at my colleague. When my little son comes into the room, the dog goes crazy and jumps between the child and his colleague with bared teeth. He had never done anything like it before! I was so embarrassed. The colleague left, I scolded my dog.

A few months later, the colleague was arrested – for possession of child pornography. “

2. He finds the right words

“I had a really bad day and cried in my room. My cockatiel started screaming so hard in its cage that I let it out. He hopped on my shoulder, put his head on my cheek, and kept saying, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay.’ I always tell him that when he’s scared. “

3. Those who live with people are also allowed to use the people’s toilet

“I went to the bathroom and found my cat there, who was sitting on the toilet doing its business. I was a bit surprised that she wasn’t reading the paper. “

4. Smart animals live longer

“My cat has diabetes. He has been using insulin twice a day for about a month. I have a feeder for him that spits out a portion of food every 12 hours. The first meal of the day is served at 5 a.m., and half an hour later the hangover gets his insulin. After getting the syringe, he is praised and brushed with his favorite brush. One day I forgot to set my alarm clock for the syringe. At 5:30 a.m. sharp, the cat jumped on me and poked my face with his paw until I woke up. Then he ran next to the refrigerator and waited for his insulin and his brush massage. “

5. Helpers in need

“My cousin had two dogs and a pond with koi. One night the dogs started barking like crazy – and they almost never bark. My cousin knew something was wrong and went outside to check. One of the fish had somehow managed to jump ashore from the pond and was wriggling on the bottom. One of the dogs tried to nudge him back into the water while the other barked loudly for help. When the dogs saw that the fish was being brought back into the water, they immediately went back to their hut. “

6. Driven by sheer malice

“I have a labrador and a black cat. My dog ​​loves tennis balls. My cat doesn’t want my dog ​​to be happy, so he always sits on the tennis ball like a hen on an egg. One morning I was about to drive to work when I saw my dog ​​barking at the cat because he was sitting on his tennis ball. I thought, ‘Okay, you little bastard, that’s enough’, took all the tennis balls out of the closet and threw them at my dog. My hangover was unmoved while the dog went crazy with joy. When I got home that evening, I heard the dog barking again. All ten tennis balls were collected in one corner, and the cat was squatting in front of it. He looked me straight in the eye as if to say, ‘I always win.’ “

7. The finder of the lost

“I lost a watch that I really liked. It was around this time that my cat developed the habit of pawing around like crazy under the refrigerator with his front paws. He did that for almost a year, until one evening he pulled out a tray from underneath that held my watch. Then left the refrigerator on the left. My hangover is the best. “

8. He knows what’s going on

“My dog ​​has epilepsy so he has to take a pill every morning. I always break them in half and mix the halves into his lining. One morning I checked a while later and saw that the bowl was empty except for half a tablet that was still in it. I went back into the living room, looked at my dog ​​and jokingly asked: ‘Well, haven’t we forgotten something?’ He looked at me, jumped up, ran to his bowl and ate his tablet in front of my eyes. “

9. The best babysitter

“I was getting dressed in the morning when my Doberman came running and clearly wanted me to follow him. So I ran after him and found my daughter, who had found a handful of screws that one of the craftsmen had left on the windowsill. She was just about to put the screws in her mouth. She was two years old. My dog ​​is a hero. “

9. The trick thief

“My brother was sitting at the kitchen table eating cake when he heard our dog barking at the front door. He got up, opened the door and looked, because usually that meant someone was standing outside and was about to ring the doorbell. When he was at the door, the dog rushed past him into the kitchen and devoured his piece of cake with a single bite. “

10. The little smart ass

“My friend has a dog who knows very well that he is not allowed on a certain carpet in the house. And what does he do with this knowledge? He takes his favorite toy, casually tosses it onto the forbidden carpet, looks at us and has that ‘Well, if my toy is on the carpet, I have no choice’ look. He does it so slowly and deliberately that you can clearly see that it is on purpose. “

11. Someone has to do the thinking

“My mother had two cats: Epo and Popokie. Epo was very intelligent and Popokie was stupid as bread. They were a great team. When the two were playing outside and my mother called them to eat, Epo would appear in the doorway immediately and Popokie was lost in the garden again. She just looked at Epo and said: ‘Epo, go get Popokie!’ Epo always ran straight back into the garden, found Popokie and ushered him into the house so that he could find his way back to his bowl. “

12. He likes to tell you where to go

“When I was young we had a dog that unleashed other dogs and took them around with them. As if he were a person who took them for a walk. “

13. Skilfully mastered

“I saw my Australian shepherd figuring out how to get back her tennis ball that was stuck under the dresser. She took a second tennis ball and pushed it against the first until it came off. She was so proud of herself. “

14th The clever huntress

“My cat stole a piece of bread from the table and put it on the floor next to the kitchen cupboard. There she sat motionless and stared at the bread. For a full hour. We thought it was scary. Until suddenly a mouse came out from under the cupboard to get the bread and the cat jumped at it. She used the bread as bait! This is the same cat who licks burning lightbulbs, burns its tongue, hisses at the lightbulb and then keeps licking. “

15. The brazen simulant

“My dog ​​faked an injured paw so we could carry him around.”

The most intelligent animals are not always the ones who can most successfully imitate humans. Sometimes clever animals simply trick their people – and show them who has more brains here.

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