Children’s ice cream bars in a chocolate bowl

Children’s ice cream bars in a chocolate bowl

Sometimes you are more lucky than you think possible. It’s similar with this sweet treat: As if the self-made ice cream made from children’s bars wouldn’t convince on its own, no, it is also served in a super funny chocolate bowl. And of course that is also done by hand. A double dose of luck, so to speak.

For this you need:

  • 20 children’s bars
  • colorful sugar pearls
  • 400 ml whipped cream
  • 100 g of condensed milk

That is how it goes:

1. First you have to melt 16 children’s bars in a water bath. Make sure that the water is not heated too much, as chocolate should only be melted slowly. Also, the bowl shouldn’t touch the water. The chocolate is practically only melted by the warm steam.

2. Now you dip a small inflated balloon halfway into the liquid chocolate. Water bombs are best for this size. After the chocolate, it goes straight to the sugar pearl dip. The balloon is best placed in the refrigerator to harden and cool.

3. Now whip up the whipped cream, put it in a large bowl with the rest of the chocolate and condensed milk and mix the ingredients carefully. As a little extra, add the four remaining children’s bars, cut into small pieces. Now the mixture has to be frozen for around 12 hours. Before serving, pound the balloon and remove it from the now solidified chocolate bowl, then add several scoops of ice cream.

The cute treat is of course perfect for a children’s birthday party. The gifts are quickly a minor matter, because the best gift is just being consumed. As an alternative, you can of course also add bars such as Bueno or Duplo to the ice cream, and of course the chocolate bowls can also be conjured up from conventional chocolate.


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