Children who get crying fits for fun reasons

Children who get crying fits for fun reasons

All parents know it well: the tearful tantrums that a certain childhood brings with it and for which the smallest annoyance can be the trigger. Once the angry crying spell starts, it cannot be stopped anytime soon.

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Only good nerves, calmness and the awareness that the phase will pass will help. But if you always give in to tantrums for the sake of peace, then sometimes 20 years later you need not wonder why this young adult is still getting his whims through by all means.

The following dramas are sure to all have a happy ending.

1. Hard announcement

“He wasn’t allowed to play with his dirty diapers.”

My wife wouldn’t let him play with his dirty diapers. from r / daddit

2. Unreasonable

“I didn’t mean to let him choke on the wrapping paper.”

I wouldn’t let Frankie choke on this wrapper so I’m an asshole. from r / funny

3. A concerned citizen

He’s crying because he wants a cookie. He has a cookie in his hand and two more on his lap.

“Mummy [I] want cookie ”. Then starts screaming he wants a cookie. He has one in his hand and 2 in his lap. 🤦🏼‍♀️ from r / WhyMyKidisCrying

4. Inhuman conditions

“I didn’t want him to eat my fully sneezed handkerchief.”

I wouldn’t let him eat my snotty tissue from r / WhyMyKidisCrying

5. The belly landing of envy

“She wanted the pacifier that the kid had on TV. She has her own. “

Because she wanted the pacifier out of the kids mouth on TV … even though she already has one. from r / WhyMyKidisCrying

6. Maybe he had a good reason

“I sang along with the song he was listening to.”

I sang along to the song he was listening to. from r / WhyMyKidisCrying

7. The moment of truth

The moment when you realize that all the donuts are already gone.

I took a picture of the moment my two kids realized all the donuts at the party had been eaten while they were off playing on the swings from r / funny

8. Deprivation must be endured

“He has just realized that he doesn’t have ice cream on the adult menu, which he really wanted.”

My 8 year old just came to the realization that since we allowed him to get an adult meal he doesn’t get the free ice cream that comes with the kid’s meals. Welcome to the real world kid. from r / funny

9. David Cronenberg as a young child

“A mosquito landed near him.”

10. The little prince

He’s crying because he’s not allowed to blow out her birthday candles.

My brother crying because he cant blow out the candles. And me, not giving a fuck. from r / funny

11. That is understandable

“Because I asked him to say ‘hello’ instead of ‘meow’.”

12. What did you do?

“Never tell your horse-loving daughter that she was born in the year of the monkey.”

Never tell your horse loving daughter that she was born in the Year of the Monkey from r / funny

13. Better safe than sorry

“When I told him that he didn’t need sunscreen because it was raining.”

14. Is that asking too much?

“I didn’t let him drink the syrup straight from the bottle.”

My 5 year old just ugly-cried for a solid 5 minutes because we wouldn’t let him drink syrup from the bottle like Buddy the Elf from r / funny

15. The obstacles of life

“He tried to push the chair around and the dog was in the way.”

Well, nothing really helps but take a deep breath and wait until the thunderstorm has passed. Maybe everyone involved will laugh again soon.

Thumbnail: © Reddit / ApologeticKid

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