Chaotic animals destroy things with relish

Chaotic animals destroy things with relish

Every animal lover knows this situation: one time you don’t pay attention, and things in the house are tattered, chewed or broken into a thousand pieces by chaotic animals.

The best animal stories can be seen here! (Scroll down to the article.)

You cannot and will not hold it against them, but sometimes it is still difficult to sweep up the broken pieces of your inherited favorite vase and not curse the responsible four-legged friend.

But a bored animal breaks things. In households other than your own, it is well advised to invest in dog liability insurance. Chaotic animals ensure that life with them is never boring.

The following evildoers are guaranteed not to be little angels in the future either.

1. The drama of the flower pot

A story in three acts, but without a trace of remorse.

No regrets. A three part story. from r / CatsAreAssholes

2. It wasn’t on purpose

He gnawed a hole in the ceiling, stuck his head through it and is now wearing it like a poncho.

My dog ​​chewed a hole through his towel and stuck his head through it. Now he wears it around the house like a poncho! from r / MadeMeSmile

3. She has other priorities

She just looked guiltily for a moment and then moved on with all the more enthusiasm.

She looked guilty for a split second, then continued with her rampage from r / aww

4. Unstoppable

If you call him, he’ll come running. To hell with the door.

Apparently we’ve adopted the Koolaid Man from r / pics

5. The self-made monster film

When the cat finds the dollhouse, the best photos are created.

This cat is destroying a house … a doll house from r / pics

6. Get me out of here!

He destroyed his plush cow, put his head in the ruins and is now wearing the perfect cow costume.

My dog ​​made himself a perfect costume by destroying his stuffed cow .. from r / pics

7. Thank you for the souvenir

You expect a lot, but not that the dog will take the sprinkler and drag it into the house through the dog flap.

Friend of a friend’s pooch dragged the sprinkler in through the doggy door … from r / funny

8. Keys are there to be nibbled out

“Lolly the destroyer”, as her people call her from now on, looks very satisfied with her work.

Lolly the DESTROYER from r / aww

9. But it was fun …

After all, she looks very embarrassed. You can’t possibly be angry with her at this look.

How could you be mad at her with eyes like those from r / aww

10. No trace of regret

You can literally hear him laughing.

It was the cat, I tells ya!

11. The best is the spectator

“I heard my husband scream in the bathroom …”

Heard my husband screaming while in the shower..walked in on this from r / CatsAreAssholes

12. A picture of innocence

“The vase broke on its own. I’m just as shocked as you are. “

He looks so innocent you’d think the vase broke on its own from r / aww

13. Die, fiend

The toilet paper roll is clearly bad and must be destroyed.

Bane, destroyer of worlds from r / aww

14. Caught in the act

“It’s not what it looks like …”

This isn’t what it looks like … 😳 from r / aww

15. How much do you love your dog?

For some it is an Aston Martin that costs 93,100 euros, for others it is just a large chewing bone.

Chaotic animals really are the spice of every animal lover’s life. Some animals break things – but most of the time it is more a reason to laugh than to scold.

Thumbnail: © Reddit / Ropa-grande

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