Celeste Barber kidding celebrity moms

Celeste Barber kidding celebrity moms

The Australian Celeste Barber has already made us laugh with her funny parodies of famous Instagram pictures of various stars and starlets.

Fancy some really fun videos? (Scroll down to the article.)

There is now a special Instagram trend among celebrity parents: carefully embellished and unrealistically glamorous photos of what their everyday life with small children supposedly looks like using image editing.

Now Celeste is targeting this polished parenting and shows mercilessly funny that the nursery is anything but a catwalk.

1. “I cook fresh every day.”

2. Small children never use their hands to massage a stressed mom.

3. This is what a relaxed shower looks like.

4. I-stood-in-front-of-the-photo-three-hours-in-front of the mirror vs. my-child-just-woke me-up.

5. True snapshots.

6. After-baby bodysuit.

7. This is by far the most convenient nailing position.

8. To put your breasts in the limelight is considered a great talent.

9. Romp around on the bed in a different way.

10. Pregnant women are beautiful even without professional lighting and make-up.

11. Births are so different.

12. Children keep extremely fit.

13. Family time is the best time.

14. Time for yourself.

15. “I’m just going to the garden for a moment.”

16. A normal selfie in between.

17. You can always do some exercise, even in the bathroom.

So the whole thing looks a lot more realistic! Celeste still has the likeable talent to bring aloof celebrity fantasies back onto the carpet with lots of laughter.

Thumbnail: © Instagram / Celeste Barber

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