Cats who magically adapt to any shape

Cats who magically adapt to any shape

Anyone who lives with a cat knows that the velvety companions are amazingly agile. It seems as if they can change their physical state as they please. Their joints are made of rubber, their fur the soft shell of an actually liquid being.

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It is a natural law that is as simple as it is funny: the more relaxed the cat, the more flexible it becomes. The following examples have perfected this art in a gorgeous way.

1. Angle cat

Cats can easily be put around the corner.

2. A box full of cats

They adapt fluently to any volume.

When your cat arrives in the mail from r / cats

3. The next level

You can also play Tetris.

He can play Tetris from r / catsareliquid

4. Chameleons with fur

Sometimes they disguise themselves as a reptile.

Found a weird reptile in my bathtub from r / misleadingthumbnails

5. Fluent like cheese and watches

Salvador Dalí’s cat.

Salvador Dali’s cat from r / catsareliquid

6. Peered over the fence

Long enough to spy on the neighbors.

My mother in law’s cat sits on the post like this and judges the neighbors from r / aww

7. Advanced stretching

Is that supposed to be comfortable?

Whatever is comfy I guess from r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat

8. Cat model poses

A particularly beautiful pose, complete with a handle.

Sunset sploot with bonus crossed paws and fancy tail from r / sploot

9. Liquefied in the summer heat

At high temperatures, cats can melt quickly.

Our sunbathing cat Tiny melting on the porch from r / catsareliquid

10. The longer, the better

More like a hose with fur.

11. A scarf made of cat

Rubber bones can also be used to wrap yourself around other cats.

Shadow is my beautiful gray chonk, and Zelda is the weird noodle draped over her. This picture is a couple years old, from when Zelda was an adolescent spaghetti. (I also posted this pic in r / cats but it wouldn’t let me crosspost). from r / WhatsWrongWithYourCat

12. Without even waking up

The basket has overflowed.

Compete liquid phase established! from r / catsareliquid

13. A perfect bow

Somebody wants to look particularly pretty.

14. This is the cobra

Every cat is naturally good at yoga.

Ok not sure what she’s trying to do here but it’s cute from r / sploot

15. A common beginner mistake

If you thought you had a cat and it’s a snake after all.

After the popularity of the “longcat” meme in 2006, New Delhi scientist Itisha Catashnek began a highly controversial breeding program, injecting cat sperm with snake DNA. In 2015 she succeeded. Reddit, meet Manasha, the world’s first longcat loaf. from r / ShittyAnimalFacts

If you choose a cat, you should be aware that the velvet paw can change shape at any time. It can happen that you don’t immediately recognize your cat as such. There are no limits to the various forms of feline roommates.

Thumbnails: © Instagram / kissaubassard, © Reddit / xsited1

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