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Carla Belucci wants cosmetic surgery for teen daughter

Carla Belucci wants cosmetic surgery for teen daughter

The mother of three Carla Bellucci from Great Britain attaches great importance to her external appearance. In addition to the regular injections of botox and hyaluron, she also likes to go under the knife for her modeling career.

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What you do to your own body to feel more beautiful is one thing. But now she would like the whole beauty package for her 14-year-old daughter Tanisha and this has sparked a controversial discussion in the media.

Carla spends around 215 euros per month on beauty care for her daughter Tanisha. Since the girl is only 14 years old, Tanisha’s treatments are currently limited to nail modeling, hair extensions and regular eyebrow coloring. But if it were up to her mother Carla, the 14-year-old would have already had several cosmetic surgeries. However, UK laws prohibit cosmetic surgery on minors. In Great Britain this is possible from the age of 16 at the earliest.

However, this does not prevent the 37-year-old British woman from saving for her daughter’s planned interventions. In an interview, the mother of three also tells us which flaws she would like to have surgically removed in her child:

“Tanisha is not exactly one of the best in school, so her education is not important to me, unlike my two boys.

She will have to rely on her looks to be able to achieve anything, because if you are ugly, you will not get very far in life.

At the moment, she’s really into the ‘Kardashian look’ with a big butt, big breasts and splashed lips. When she’s 16, she’d like to have her lips injected too, which I totally support. “

When Tanisha turns 18, various interventions are to follow. In addition to breast implants and veneers (ceramic dental panels), Carla especially wants a so-called “Brazilian Butt Lifting” for her daughter, in which autologous fat is sucked out of the thighs and then injected into the buttocks. What sounds harmless at first, is associated with considerable risks, because this procedure is one of the most dangerous plastic surgeries of all, as there is a high risk of accidentally injecting body fat into a vein. One in 3,000 people who willingly undergo this surgery will die during the procedure.

A calculable risk for mother Carla, because she finds daughter Tanisha’s bottom just too flat:

“If she wants to be a successful influencer or a reality star, then she has to look like it’s trending right now – so this operation would be her only option. It would make her prettier. “

For Tanisha, still so young, one can only hope that at some point she will realize that looks are not everything and beauty is ephemeral. But whoever has such a mother who pushes her own children to have cosmetic surgery because she does not think they are pretty enough, will inevitably reduce themselves to their outward appearance in life.

What do you think about it?

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