Californian Josie loses 64 kilos after separation

Californian Josie loses 64 kilos after separation

A single moment can often change our entire life. For Josie it was the moment when her boyfriend broke up with her – because she was too fat for him.

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Josie has been dissatisfied with herself and her body for a long time. The American woman has been overweight for as long as she can remember and feels constantly tired and exhausted. She feels that she has to change something, but she lacks the strength to do it. But when her boyfriend left her shortly after the New Year in 2018 because of her fullness, the Californian finally pulled the rip cord and decided to turn her life 180 degrees.

Shortly after their breakup, Josie feels worthless and humiliated. But soon her shame turns into determination. “I wanted to get back at him and show him what he was missing,” she says. The young woman wants to shed her excess pounds and shape her body in such a way that the sight of her ex curses the day he dropped her.

The 137 kilo woman goes from being a couch potato to a fitness junkie in no time. Just two weeks after the breakup, Josie starts lifting weights and training harder than ever before in her life.

“I was looking for a trainer who would teach me the basics,” the young woman recalls. “I ate healthier, exercised every day, and was more physically active. I stopped eating fast food and developed a healthier attitude towards food. “

The first successes are not long in coming and soon the first pounds are falling. But this is only the beginning. “I was the girl my ex didn’t want,” Josie describes her transformation. “That’s why I became the girl he couldn’t have.”

Through the painful experience of separation, Josie discovers a whole new side of herself. She feels more powerful and energetic than ever before. The initial anger towards her boyfriend gives way to a completely new attitude towards life: “The journey of my transformation began as an act of revenge to get back at my ex,” says Josie. “But on the way I realized that it wasn’t about him, but about me.”

Two years later, Josie not only feels like a newborn – she also looks like a completely new person: the Californian has lost an incredible 64 kilos. But her journey is far from over: Josie now works as a trainer herself and supports other young women on their way to a healthier life.

“My life is now completely about fitness,” Josie says proudly. “I love fitness. It is my passion. I work as a trainer and my goal is to help other women to find their self-esteem again and to achieve their sporting goals. “

Josie not only discovered a passion for sport, but also a love for herself. In retrospect, the painful experience of separation turned out to be a blessing. If she could go back in time and give her old self some advice, the confident woman would definitely know what she would say: “Everything will be fine. You are valuable and beautiful and you don’t need anyone but yourself. ”Keep it up, Josie!

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