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Bodega: 16 cats in supermarkets

Bodega: 16 cats in supermarkets

In some parts of the USA, including New York, the term “bodega” is used to refer to small supermarkets or corner shops. A specialty of these kiosk-like shops are a number of cats that live between freezers and sales shelves, which is prohibited by law, but is basically tolerated.

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Although the graceful mouse hunters roam around in every bodega, you can now expect a fluffy four-legged friend with a high degree of probability when you enter such a shop. This was also noticed by a man named Robert Hitt, who fortunately has started to post pictures of the many different “bodega cats” on the Twitter account of the same name (“Bodega cats“) to publish. The following sixteen pictures show what it would be like if cats were to make the supermarkets unsafe in Germany too:

1. This is what happens when you drink too much.

2. Another drunkard.

3. Copiers are quite warm.

4. Morning exercise.

5. What does it hatch?

6.Sleep, kittens, sleep …

7. You always have company with them.

8. The classic: cat in a box.

9. Who is looking there?

10. “No seating, just for sale.”

11. Not even the false ceilings are secure.

12th strike.

13. How cute!

14. She’s watching.

15. Chocolate bars seem very convenient.

16. Quality control.

Heaven for many cat lovers, hell for those with cat hair allergies! In any case, cats and supermarkets are an interesting combination. If you haven’t had enough of the fluffy whiskers, you will find more funny and entertaining galleries under this paragraph:

Thumbnails: © Twitter / @ Bodegacats_ © Twitter / @ Bodegacats_

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