Big dogs were once small puppies too

Big dogs were once small puppies too

Above all, big dogs mean great joy for their people. The loyal four-legged friends are usually more good-natured, the bigger they are. They love and protect all friends and family members around them.

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But even large dogs were once small puppies. In the beginning, they charmed their humans with the same snub-nosed cuteness found in all puppies. But then they grew and didn’t stop anytime soon.

If dogs are found cute as puppies, then it’s always worth taking a look at how big the breeds get when they are fully grown. But whether small or large, the following four-legged friends are all cuddly favorites.

1. The dog has tripled

“5 months and 9 months.”

2. Suddenly there is a lot more dog

“The same thing happened to me – 8 weeks and 8 months.”

3. From small and fluffy to big and still fluffy

“8 weeks and 8 months.” Big dogs grow faster than you think.

4. An armful of dogs

We don’t know what he looked like before, but now he’s almost bigger than his human.

5. My grown-up best friend

“8 weeks and 8 months.” The dog is now holding the man.

6. A huge load of luck

He is still particularly fond of being petted on the belly.

7. Partner for life

The two can now dance together.

8. Curly joy

It has grown a lot, but is still within a manageable range.

9. Not even fully grown

“One month and 4 months.” What is she feeding this poodle?

10. It’s getting out of hand

“2 months, 4 months and 6 months. They grow up so quickly. “

11. Dog or handbag, both are possible

Now his person needs both arms.

12. When does a dog mature?

The adorable puppy became a proud giant.

13. An easily perplexed dog

It’s much bigger, but the expression on his face has remained the same.

14. Happy and satisfied

The small dog bed will no longer be enough.

15. Grown up well

The small, round dog face became one with a lot of gentle character.

Those who love their dogs as puppies will appreciate the big breeds as giants no less. They eat more, weigh more and need a bigger basket, but they still want to sit on their humans’ laps in the evening. A compromise then has to be found. The main thing is that it can be cuddled.

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