Baby Mayah is born with a white streak

Baby Mayah is born with a white streak

They are colored or plucked: For many people, gray hair is an undesirable harbinger of aging. The silver splendor can be as beautiful as you can see in the little Mayah Youssef.

When Mayah is born, mother Talyta realizes that the little one is very special. Shortly after her birth, snow-white hairs sprout on the girl’s head.

The reason for Mayah’s gray mane is a rare genetic defect called “piebaldism”, also known as partial albinism. This is a pigment disorder that can lead to lighter skin and white hair in places.

Mama Talyta is not surprised by her daughter’s silver quiff, because she has a gray streak of her own. “Piebaldism runs in our family, so we knew there was a good chance it would happen with Mayah,” she says. So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Talyta loves her daughter’s lock. However, it took the young mother longer to accept herself as she is. “I tried to hide my gray hair until my twenties,” says Talyta. “I hid it behind other strands and was afraid of being bullied about it.”

The mother wants Mayah to accept herself for who she is from the start. In fact, there is no reason for the little one to hide. The girl with the silver quiff is adored both on the Internet and on the street.

Mayah already has a large following on Instagram. The two year old loves to dance and dress up. As Cruella de Vil from “101 Dalmatians”, Mayah wraps the whole internet around her finger.

Talyta wants Mayah to never perceive her gray hair as a blemish, but rather as something special that makes her unique and beautiful.

The beautiful photos of the little silver curl also inspire other people not to be ashamed of supposed flaws. “It’s such a shame that some people hide,” says Mama Talyta. “We don’t all have to look the same to be beautiful.” In any case, Mayah learns from an early age to be proud of her special appearance.

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