Artist shows 16 everyday situations using funny pictures

Artist shows 16 everyday situations using funny pictures

There are these repetitive, everyday situations that most people are all too familiar with. The Spanish artist Nacho Diaz Arjona has collected these moments and converted them into humorous before-and-after pictures.

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Whether visiting grandma and grandpa or the poor complexion during puberty: You can identify with the cute drawings immediately, because let’s be honest: each of us has been in at least one of the following situations:

1.) Before using the toilet vs. after using the toilet

2.) Before puberty vs. during puberty

3.) Before you have children vs. when you have children

4.) Before the salary payment vs. after the salary payment

5.) Before visiting grandma vs. after visiting grandma

6.) Before the hairdresser visit vs. after the hairdresser visit: “Please only the tips.”

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7.) Before going to bed vs. after waking up

8.) Without make-up vs. with make-up

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9.) Before the Mexican meal vs. after the Mexican meal

10.) Before the all-you-can-eat buffet vs. after the all-you-can-eat buffet

11.) Before a child calls you “my lord” vs. after a child calls you “my lord”

12.) Before shaving vs. after shaving

13.) Before the first coffee vs. after the first coffee

14.) Before the party vs. after the party

15.) While taking a selfie vs. after taking a selfie

16.) Before farting vs. after farting

It’s great how precisely the artist’s drawings depict these everyday situations. Which image can you best identify with? If you enjoyed this picture gallery, this article on everyday women’s problems might be for you too.

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Source: brightside

Thumbnails: © instagram / naolito

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