Animals that wake up their humans in fun ways

Animals that wake up their humans in fun ways

Anyone who lives with an animal is used to it helping them to wake up. The four-legged roommates of course always have the best of intentions when they lick your nose, jump around on you or wait for the drowsy person in the strangest parts of the apartment.

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Maybe they just can’t wait to play with their favorite human. Maybe their stomach growls and their bowl is empty again. Or maybe they just enjoy scaring their people – or the unsuspecting overnight guests – a bit.

Who can blame them when they are so cute?

1. An unwelcome gift

“I have a long-haired hangover who always covers the hairballs he spits out with something. I woke up this morning and found this. “

I have a longhair cat who covers his hairballs with whatever he can find. This morning, I woke up to this. from r / funny

2. Someone needs a little help

“I was woken up by a knock on the patio door.”

Woke up to somebody knocking on my door. It was DOG.

3. Search picture with dog

“I woke up and everything was normal. There’s nothing to see here.”

I woke up to my cat acting normal. Nothing to see here. from r / funny

4. This is love

“When my girlfriend goes out of the house in the morning, my dog ​​lies down on her place in bed.”

My dog ​​takes my girlfriend’s spot when she leaves for work. This is what I woke up to today from r / aww

5. Life is good

“This sight wakes me up every morning.”

How I wake up every morning … from r / aww

6. His feathered friend

Ducks can be so cute.

Duck and its Human Wake Up from r / aww

7. They have to be siblings

“Everything is OK here! We just play! “

Woke up to this today

8. A little sunshine

“I woke up and saw this.”

Woke up to find my dog ​​like this …

9. Fluffy wake-up service

“Wake up, wake up, wake up, I’m hungry!”

Hey …. you awake? … Wake up, I’m hungry from r / gifs

10. Heat source

“Ever since we saved the little guy from the cold, we’ve woken up like this every morning.”

Rescued this little guy from a harsh freeze. Now we wake up like this every morning. from r / cats

11. You like to get up there

“That’s his ‘good morning’ face.”

This is the ‘Good Morning’ face that we get to wake up to for the next 15 years 🙂 from r / aww

12. You get used to it

“Every morning he chews my nose off.”

This is what I wake up to biting my nose off every morning.

13. Cuteness included in the price

“I woke up next to these guys in my Airbnb room.”

Woke up next to this guy at an airbnb room I’m staying at. From r / aww

14. Can you take it with you?

“It’s hard to drive to work in the morning.”

I wake up to this every morning, makes going to work difficult from r / aww

15. He has settled in well

“My roommates and I adopted a pit bull last week. This morning I woke up to this sight. “

Adopted a pit bull the other week with my roommates. Woke up this morning to this. from r / pics

Yes, if you live with a pet, you no longer need an alarm clock. Even if you don’t always wake up to new pranks, the companions will at least greet you with rituals they have come to love. After all, they look forward to seeing you anew every morning.

Thumbnails: © Reddit / llama422 ©Imgur / MKG24

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