Animal lover from Buenos Aires saves dog Hercules

Animal lover from Buenos Aires saves dog Hercules

There is hardly anything more heartbreaking than an abandoned pet. When people adopt a dog and then have no way or simply no longer want to take care of the animal, they simply leave it to die.

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Many of these animals live as best they can on the street until they are either rescued or die of starvation, illness and injuries. In a few fine cases, however, such an animal can slowly recover with the help of animal rights activists.

Few stray dogs are as lucky as Hercules. Shortly before Christmas, Hercules was discovered by a passerby in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Pia, as the animal lover is called, found the little dog emaciated to the bone and with open wounds on the street and couldn’t just walk past him and leave him to his fate. She immediately took the dog to a veterinarian.

“He had no glow in his eyes. He had already given up, ”said Pia. Dog rescue doctors told her that Hercules would only survive for the next few days if he was looked after and cared for around the clock. So Pia got to work.

It was a difficult time. Hercules did not want to eat anything for the first two days and continued to lose weight. Pia stayed by his side the whole time and finally what he hoped for happened: Hercules slowly began to eat small amounts. Towards the end of that day, he was even able to get up carefully and stand on his own two feet.

From then on it went slowly uphill. Pia cared for Hercules so lovingly that he gradually recovered from his exertions. Little by little he became stronger, more cheerful and more active. His fur grew back and a happy dog ​​smile appeared on his face.

Pia actually intended to refer him to a good family through animal rescue for dogs who would adopt him. But she soon realized that she never wanted to give him up again. The two had just become inseparable.

If anyone would adopt this dog, it would be Pia, because he loves her as much as she loves him. No wonder, he will never forget that she not only saved his life with her care, but also returned the joy of it. What a wonderful team they are.

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