Alwyn Wils finds a lonely egg in a pet store and saves it

Alwyn Wils finds a lonely egg in a pet store and saves it

A customer walks into a pet shop and looks curiously into the budgie cages when he makes a strange discovery. A tiny abandoned egg lies on the floor of an almost empty cage.

Without further ado, he speaks to the shopkeeper and asks her to give him the egg.

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But this customer is not an ordinary pet shop visitor, but the bird expert Alwyn Wils, who on his YouTube channel “A Chick Called Albert” lets others know how he rescues and hatches abandoned bird eggs and loves the chicks winds up.

“I was in a pet store when I noticed something strange. There was a small egg on the floor of the budgie’s cage. But there was only one male bird left in the cage. The shopkeeper told me that she had just sold the mother. She was happy to let me have the egg, ”says Alwyn Wils in his latest YouTube video.

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In order not to damage the tiny, fragile goods during transport and, above all, to keep them from cooling down, bird rescuer Alwyn puts his small, valuable treasure into a matchbox filled with cotton as a precaution. When he reaches his destination, he carefully embeds the egg in one of his incubators. At this point in time, however, it cannot be determined whether there is actually still life in it.

After two days, Alwyn finally wants to know. He holds the filigree egg against the light of a microscope to see if he can spot a small pounding heart. Unfortunately, he can’t see any signs of life inside the egg, so he decides to wait two more days.

© YouTube / A Chick Called Albert

And indeed! On the fourth day, the rescuer holds the egg up to the light again and can see the beating heart of a tiny baby bird. From now on, Alwyn has to carefully turn the tiny budgie egg three times a day so that the little bird can develop optimally in the egg.

After 19 days in the incubator, the little budgie chick finally hatches in the middle of Alwyn’s hand. But the newborn baby bird simply cannot get out of its shell, so its two-legged rescuer has to carefully free it from the egg shell with scissors. But the biggest hurdle is still ahead of the young bird: will it accept food from its dad without feathers?

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But the concern is unfounded. After the first tentative attempts to feed the newly hatched birdie with a spoon, the bird chick gratefully accepts the food. From now on, Alwyn has to spoon the little budgie eight times a day. An elaborate and time-consuming rearing, which the avid bird lover is only too happy to accept for his feathered darlings.

Eventually, Alwyn’s self-sacrificing care pays off and the little budgie chick grows and thrives.

© YouTube / A Chick Called Albert

But during the entire time that the bird rescuer spends rearing the little parakeet, one thought just can’t get out of his head: What happened to the supposed bird dad who was left all alone in the cage in the shop?

Resolutely, Alwyn called the pet shop to find out about the lonely male – and he was lucky! The budgie has not yet been sold and is still waiting for a home there.

© YouTube / A Chick Called Albert

The bird connoisseur does not hesitate and fetches the budgie that has been left behind. Alwyn captures the moment when the two related birds meet for the first time with the camera. In his video he describes the moment when father and son meet with the words:

“Do you feel it? In my mind they do! “

You can watch the video of Alwyn Wils and his budgie egg here:

Alwyn Wils has already helped many bird chicks into the world and the little budgie will certainly not be the last rearing of the passionate bird lover. But with his touching act he not only made life possible for a chick, but also gave two budgies a wonderful, species-appropriate home.

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