Abstaining Lifestyle: 8 Physical Effects

Abstaining Lifestyle: 8 Physical Effects

Physical love is fun, puts you in a good mood and strengthens relationships. Yet many people underestimate it, even though it can be the key to a healthy and happy life.

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Sure, there are many reasons your sex life can be sluggish. Separations, illnesses, a stressful everyday life, the children, work – something always comes up. A few days will turn into weeks or months and at some point you will come to the point where you no longer miss sex. Not doing “it” becomes normal.

But when sex sneaks out of life, not only the soul reacts, but also the body.


These 8 things happen in your body when you don’t have sex for a long time.

1. You get sick more often.

Not having sex has a negative impact on your immune system and makes you more prone to catching a cold or flu. Regular shepherd’s hours help to form more antibodies and thus strengthen the immune system.

2. Your stress level increases.

Sex relaxes the body and releases happiness hormones. In addition, you forget your worries and problems. If you do without it, it will be more difficult for you to deal with stressful situations and your stress level will rise.

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3. You find it harder to get aroused.

Sexual thirsts can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. And women can also find it harder to orgasm if they haven’t had sex for a long time.

4. Your dreams are changing.

People who suffer from sex withdrawal are more likely to dream about it or even have orgasms while they sleep.

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5. Your desire for sex decreases.

You can’t unlearn sex, but your body gets used to a sexless state, which decreases the production of sex hormones and decreases your desire. In addition, at some point your libido will feel different than with regular sex.

6. The distance to your partner increases.

In couples, a lull in sex can make the partners feel insecure about their relationship with one another. It can even go so far that other people will appear more attractive to you.

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7. Your self-esteem suffers.

Without sex, it is common for the person to feel sad and less attractive. Studies have now shown that sex can help against depression and that semen even has an antidepressant effect.

8. The risk of cancer increases.

Men also have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer if they do not have sex for a long period of time.

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Not only do your ability to concentrate and your libido decrease, you also feel sad and insecure if you forego sex. Some of these reactions in your body can be quite strong and pose a high health risk. A healthy sex life is therefore not only important for the partnership, but also for body and soul.

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