9 signs of intelligence that cannot be faked

9 signs of intelligence that cannot be faked

Knowledge is a valuable asset, which is why some people want to blind others with an intellectual facade in order to make an impression. They do not want to admit to themselves that they have gaps in their knowledge, or even hope that the pretense will increase their status.

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But how do you recognize a really intelligent person? Most think of geniuses like Albert Einstein or Sheldon Cooper from the popular television series “The Big Bang Theory”. Even students who only get ones in school are considered to be highly intelligent.

This notion of intelligence is pretty one-sided, however, and not everyone who gets bad grades in school is just stupid. In addition to cognitive intelligence, social or emotional intelligence also plays a major role.


Really clever people can therefore also be recognized by other characteristics that have nothing to do with school grades and cannot be simulated so easily:

1. You can assess yourself correctly

Less intelligent people often overestimate their abilities and think they know everything. Intelligent people, on the other hand, can correctly assess themselves and their abilities and are therefore not biased, but are able to grow as individuals.

2. You are curious

Studies have shown that curious children also later become intellectually curious adults. And Goethe already knew: “If you are not curious, you will not find out.” Inquisitive people not only gain more knowledge, but also more new experiences.

The glasses that made me look real intelligent ...

3. You are empathetic

Psychologists are sure that emotional intelligence is also important in order to be considered a truly intelligent person. People with a high IQ are very aware of the feelings of others and can also absorb them. Dealing with others empathically connects two people on a very personal level and requires a high degree of cleverness.

4. You have a lot of worries and fears

Another characteristic of intelligent people is that they are more concerned about the future and therefore more fearful than less intelligent people. Even if fear and anxiety may not seem nice or pleasant at first glance, it still has its advantages, because such anxiety can induce people to take fewer risks and are more likely to survive.


5. You like to take a nap

In many cultures around the world, taking a little nap during the day is common. Studies have now shown that people who like to take a quick nap are smarter and have better cognitive performance.

6. You like to chew gum

According to studies, enjoying chewing gum is also a sign of intelligence. It boosts blood flow to the brain and can help prepare for a test as chewing increases memory levels.

7. You value solitude

The more time intelligent people spend with friends, the sadder they are – according to a study. But we don’t yet know exactly why. It is believed that people with a high IQ work more focused on long-term goals and are distracted by friends and prevented from pursuing their goals. On the other hand, less intelligent people feel better when they spend a lot of time with their friends.


8. You have a great thirst for knowledge

Another sign of intelligence is a great thirst for knowledge. Intelligent people are always open to new ideas and enjoy constantly learning new things. You are not satisfied with the current situation, but question a lot and look for new solutions. In addition, smart people are never afraid to admit their own mistakes and inadequacies.

9. You love black humor

It may sound surprising, but people who like to laugh at satirical and macabre jokes are often more intelligent than others. A new study from the University of Vienna found that people with a lower IQ have a lower liking for black humor.

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So if you often go to bed late or are very worried, that’s not a bad thing at first, but a sign that you are more intelligent than others. Which signs of intelligence do you recognize in yourself?

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