9 irresistible meatball recipes

9 irresistible meatball recipes

Be it in lasagna, in spaghetti bolognese, as a spicy Klops or even on bread – minced meat can be prepared in many ways. But the spicy meat is not only popular in the variants mentioned; because at least since the Disney classic “Lady and the Tramp”, meatballs and meatballs have been an integral part of various dishes. Today we’re going to show you the nine best recipes for preparing meatballs in such a way that they can go down unchallenged in cooking history.

1.) Bell pepper, bacon and cheese balls

In this recipe there are delicious, crispy balls on a stick that will steal your senses. The highlight? The peppers filled with cheese and eggs only reveal themselves when you take a bite, as they hide in a coat of spicy minced meat and crispy bacon.

2.) Brussels sprouts mince casserole

“Eat your Brussels sprouts!” An often heard admonition at lunch when children ignore their vegetables again. But with this recipe, spurned Brussels sprouts should be a thing of the past, because they come with delicious meatballs.

3.) Cauliflower balls

Cauliflower is an all-rounder vegetable that can be prepared in a variety of ways. Whether classic with butter crumbs, gratinated or as a carbohydrate substitute (instead of rice) – this cabbage always works – especially in combination with spicy minced meat and aromatic bacon.

4.) Pasta domes filled with minced meat and cheese

Pasta with creamy tomato sauce or spicy bolognese sauce are among the most popular main dishes not only with children but also with adults. Today we present a recipe that combines pasta with tomato sauce and minced meat in a unique way: namely in the form of filled domes.

5.) Potato casserole with meatballs

Minced meat loaf with potatoes and sauce is one of the most popular recipes in classic home cooking. But the meat is not only fried in the pan and served with potatoes and sauce, but also as a casserole the hearty dish is an absolute taste experience.

6.) Meatballs and spaghetti on a stick

A classic combination that never disappoints is spaghetti with minced meat. But you’ve definitely never eaten them in the following way. This recipe shows you how awesome you can make meatballs with cheese and spaghetti, deep-fried in tempura batter. A delicious “finger snack” that goes perfectly with a party buffet or a TV evening with friends.

7.) Noodle pan with meatballs in a creamy sauce

Please read the following list of complaints carefully: painful pinching of the stomach area, unusual noises in the middle of the body, uncontrolled thinking about food, combined with increased salivation. If you have at least one of these symptoms, please do not see a doctor, but go to the kitchen immediately. Further instructions follow in this recipe.

8.) Meatball casserole

As unspectacular as “meatballs casserole” may sound at first, be sure to read on! Our copy is both traditional and full of surprises. On the one hand, these mini meatballs have a delicious filling and on the other hand, the edge of the baking dish is equipped with a classic all-rounder. That can only be delicious – here is the recipe.

9.) Oriental spiced meatballs on a stick

The next pack of minced meat that gets lost in your fridge could be the perfect candidate for this recipe with a special, spicy twist, because with an oriental aroma and fruity-aromatic sauce for dipping, these meatballs are fine finger food that is perfectly warm and cold can be consumed.

Skewered, gratinated in the casserole or hidden in pasta, meatballs are even more extraordinary than you would have thought, right? No matter which recipe you choose, you will definitely get your money’s worth in terms of taste – have fun cooking and enjoying!


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