9 hairstyles that will make you older

9 hairstyles that will make you older

For every woman there is an ideal hair color that will highlight her beauty and make the skin shine. But just as they can advantageously underline the appearance, some colors have the opposite effect and in the end accentuate small wrinkles and unevenness of the skin, while they “hide” the best facial features.

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Hair styling is generally closely related to self-esteem. So choosing the right shade makes a big difference and can contribute to wellbeing.

However, many women do not know which hair color flatters their face best and makes them look younger and fresher. It is therefore important to know which mistakes you should avoid when styling your hair, which are also clear from the following pictures, in order not to look old. You don’t have to be a professional for that either.

1. Wear past color trends

Everyone should wear the hair color that they like best. However, hair trends from the past few years can make you look frumpy. So if you still wear the same hairstyle and color as you did 10 years ago, let your hairdresser advise you on the latest trends and try something new that might better suit your type and make you look fresher.

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2. Avoid streaks or highlights

To hide the first gray hair, some women use hair colors from the drugstore that do not set any highlights. Plain blonde or black tones don’t make the hair look natural and give your face an aged look. Streaks and highlights can counteract this and give the skin more luminosity and make you look more youthful.

I miss my black hair!

3. Choose a hair color that is too dark

In the case of objects presented against a black or very dark background, their features and subtleties can be seen much better. The same thing happens to your face if you choose a hair color that is too dark for your skin tone. Wrinkles and bumps stand out and make you look older. Better to go for a warm shade that is a shade or two lighter and less contrasts with your face.

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4. Avoid highlights that frame your face

Have you ever noticed that in young children, the front section of hair is lighter than the rest of the hair? So use lighter shades as highlights that frame your face. This will reduce the first wrinkles and other signs of aging and give you a more youthful appearance.

New hair

5. Have a visible approach

Dyed hair must be re-dyed regularly, as a beginning can be seen quickly. If you don’t want to use hair color all the time so as not to stress your hair too much, or if you can’t afford to go to the hairdresser all the time, you should opt for stylings such as the ombré look, where the approach is intentionally dyed darker than the rest of the hair. That way, the color can grow out naturally and you still look young and fresh.

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6. Choose a hair color that is too light

Platinum blonde hair looks great, but it’s not for everyone. Women and men with very light or rosy skin should avoid the look, because it quickly makes them look bland and old. Reach for warm blonde nuances such as honey or caramel, because they emphasize the warm undertones in the skin and give it more radiance.

179/365 - I am green today.

7. Reach for intense red

Red hair can look very elegant. However, the color fades quite quickly and leaves the hair looking unkempt. In addition, gray hair is even more noticeable as it contrasts strongly with the red. The red tones can also make your skin appear redder and rob it of its youthful shine. A safe alternative is a strawberry blonde, a shade between blonde and red. It gives the face a warmer look and also hides the first gray hair better.


8. Work against the skin tone

What makes you look older: blonde or auburn hair? Unfortunately, the answer to whether a woman looks younger with one color or the other depends on several factors. As a rule of thumb, however, you shouldn’t change your natural hair color dramatically, as the color you choose may not match your skin tone and make you look older.


9. Choose too ashy hair color

Dyeing your hair from blonde to brunette can cause it to turn ashen, making the hair appear flat and bland. This hairstyle makes the face look washed out, especially with pale skin. So add warmer shades to lighten your skin and make it look fresher.

Tilly's Hair Extravaganza

First gray hair here and wrinkles there – the aging process cannot be stopped and that’s perfectly okay. Still, you don’t have to make yourself older than you actually are. If you follow these tips for your hair color, you will look a few years younger.

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