8 tricks that will make you the ultimate food pro

8 tricks that will make you the ultimate food pro

Slicing, squeezing, preparing or making certain foods longer-lasting can be a real challenge – but not if you memorize the following 8 tips.

With these tricks, slicing mango, watermelon and peppers is no longer a problem. We’ll also tell you how you can keep fresh eggs for up to 10 months or how you can squeeze delicious fruit juice from a pomegranate with just one hand.

1. Slice the mango

Using the wrong technique, slicing a mango can quickly become a greasy and sticky affair, with all sorts of delicious pulp being lost. However, if the fruit is cut horizontally down to the core, it can then be opened very easily, without scratching. Now the pulp can easily be spooned out or cut out.

2. Slice the watermelon

A watermelon is usually cut into slices or bite-sized pieces. A method that is by no means so widespread – albeit more practical and faster – is to cut the watermelon in half so that the pieces can simply be broken off from each other.

3. Blocked spice shaker

If a pepper or salt shaker is blocked, small vibrations help to get the spice out of the container in steady bursts – all you need to do is rub the bottom of the clogged shaker with a second spice shaker.

4. Cut the peppers open

Slicing a bell pepper from top to bottom is not the quickest or simplest technique; the other way around it is much more effective: If the peppers are cut with a knife from the bottom towards the stem into four roughly equal parts, these can then be easily broken off from the stem.

5. Prepare the shrimp

Removing the head, tail, and shell of shrimp sounds a lot more complicated than it is. If the former sea creature is put on a wooden skewer, head, …

… easily remove the tail and hard shell parts with chopsticks.

6. Squeeze the pomegranate

Pomegranate juice is not only healthy, it also tastes really delicious. Most of the juice can be squeezed out of the fruit if the pomegranate is first rolled back and forth with pressure until it is soft all around. If it is then cut open on the stalk with a knife, the wonderful fruit juice can easily be squeezed out by hand.

7. Cut the apple in half

There is no need to get a knife dirty to cut an apple in half. On the side of the stem, the fruit can be easily broken in half with your hands.

8. Preserve eggs longer

Eggs can be frozen to keep them longer. Simply put an egg in each hollow of a muffin tin and slide the tray into the freezer. Then simply remove the frozen eggs from the tray and put them in a freezer bag. The eggs can then be kept for up to 10 months in the freezer.

These 8 tricks with eggs, mangoes, shrimp & Co. will make you an absolute food professional. Of course, these are not all the food tips that we have in store. You can find more informative articles on this topic here:

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