8 things you can tell if you have a bad restaurant

8 things you can tell if you have a bad restaurant

There’s nothing like good food! A cozy restaurant visit with friends and family is recommended, especially on birthdays or other great occasions. No hours of preparing food and no washing up that has to be done afterwards. But restaurants can also cause a lot of trouble. So that your next visit to a restaurant doesn’t turn out to be a total failure, here are 8 typical signs that you can use to recognize a bad restaurant.

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1. No greeting from the staff

In a good restaurant, arriving guests are received directly by the staff, greeted and accompanied to a table. So if you enter a restaurant and wait several minutes in vain for a reception, this is a clear sign that the service here leaves a lot to be desired.


2. Empty restaurant

If a restaurant is empty at peak times such as lunch or dinner, there is in most cases a reason. This only shows that the residents know very well that this restaurant cannot score with good food or service, so they tend to avoid it. Therefore, you should also seek the distance from an empty restaurant.

The Dining Room Empties Out

3. Full restaurant, empty tables

But even a full restaurant doesn’t necessarily have to mean that it’s actually good. In the vicinity of tourist attractions in particular, many people are attracted who cannot yet assess the food or the service.

However, a look at the tables will help. If the restaurant is full but there is no plate to be seen on the tables, the kitchen seems to be overwhelmed. This is where you may wait forever for your food. A good restaurant looks different!


4. Wide variety on the menu

No chef in the world can cook every dish like a master without exception. Rather, they specialize in certain dishes, which they then perfect themselves. Therefore, good restaurants often “only” have a smaller selection on the menu. Because they place more value on quality than quantity. The freshness of the ingredients comes first here.

Indonesian sampler

5. Fingerprints on plates and glasses

Waiters who touch the clean drinking glass on the upper edge or the plate with their fingers are an absolute no-go and show that there are no hygienic conditions in the restaurant. Because this is how germs get to the plate and glass and are then ingested by the guest while eating and drinking. That is not how it works!

Waiter, Omer!

6. Blocked salt shaker

Whether it is a good or bad restaurant can also be seen from the salt shaker. If the holes in the spreader are clogged, this suggests that it may be refilled regularly, but not cleaned. If you consider how many people touch the salt shaker every day, you can imagine how many germs there are on it. Hygiene does not seem to be a high priority in such a restaurant, so it should definitely be avoided.


7. White edges on the milk frother

If there is a visible milk frother in the restaurant, you should also take a look at it. If there are white borders on it, this indicates that the machine is not being cleaned often enough. However, bacteria then develop in the milk residue and ultimately end up in the guest’s drink – disgusting!

Frothed milk

8. Dirty toilets

If the satisfaction of the guests is important to you, you can ensure that the toilets are also in a perfect and clean condition. After all, the quiet place is also part of ensuring that a guest feels completely at home in a restaurant. However, if the toilet is dirty or even broken, you can be sure that the customer is definitely not king here.

Ladies toilet: Frankie & Benny's

A missed greeting, a clogged salt cellar or dirty toilets: paying guests deserve more than poor service and mediocre food. So don’t waste your time and money on bad restaurants and pay attention to these 8 tips on your next visit in order to only support good restaurants from now on.

Once you have finally found a good restaurant with great staff, it is advisable to reflect for yourself how you can make the everyday life of a stressed waiter a little easier. In this article you will find out which things you should definitely refrain from if you want to make a good impression on the restaurant staff in return.

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