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8 simple tricks to look better in photos

8 simple tricks to look better in photos

You wonder why other people are so photogenic when you always look kind of weird in photos? Then we have good news for you: There is no such thing as being photogenic! There are only those who know exactly how to present themselves in front of the camera to look better in photos. So that you too belong to this human category in the future, we reveal 8 very easy tricks.

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1. Really smile

The first trick is very obvious at first glance, but it actually has a big effect: smile! But this does not mean that forced smile that we put on immediately when we see a camera in front of us, but a real smile. One in which the eyes literally shine. A real smile automatically looks more beautiful.

2. Subtle make-up

Make-up is of course not for everyone and everyone looks gorgeous anyway, even without make-up. However, if you want to top it all off, you can use a slightly covering foundation to make your complexion appear more even and minimize the shine with the help of powder. This is how you create the best conditions for a flawless portrait photo – without Photoshop.

3. Favorable clothing

Clothing also plays an important role when it comes to looking better in photos. It is important to choose clothes that flatter your own body shape instead of emphasizing problem areas. Black clothing makes you look slimmer and brown and green tones underline the natural complexion.

4. Show the chocolate side

A very simple trick to look better in photos right away is to show yourself from your chocolate side. To find out which is your chocolate side, you can pick up the camera yourself before the photo shoot and photograph yourself from different angles. This way you will definitely find out which angle you can use to bring out your most beautiful side.

5. Head & body posture

With an unfavorable head or body posture you can quickly ruin one or the other photo. To prevent this from happening, it is important to find out which posture has a particularly flattering effect on your body. Lifting one arm away from your body can be enough to make your upper arm look a few inches slimmer. Even an outstretched leg makes you look slimmer and even taller.

6. Open mouth

This trick sounds a bit weird at first, but it works: Breathe through your mouth during the photo shoot. Lift your head slightly and push your chin forward a little. This is how you guarantee a relaxed look!

7. Light

You can not only play with angles and postures to look better, but also with the light. Indirect light is best for this! And no matter how sunny it is: Always take photos with flash, because it hides dark shadows under the eyes.

8. Distance to the photographer

In order to automatically look better in photos, it is also necessary to keep a certain distance from the photographer. A distance of around two meters is recommended in order to achieve the best possible result.

As you can see, no one is born photogenic. Even the biggest supermodels use lots of different tips and tricks to look even better in photos. After all, photography is an art – and as you know, no master has fallen from heaven! But now that you know which little tricks you can use, you have come a whole step closer to the “master’s examination”. So nothing stands in the way of the next snapshot!

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