8 signs that you are born again

8 signs that you are born again

Easter time is here. But only 22 percent of Germans believe in reincarnation. So in this country the belief in rebirth is not as widespread as, for example, in countries that are shaped by Hinduism.

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In both Hinduism and Buddhism, the teaching of reincarnation is part of the belief. People assume that the soul is immortal and wanders from one body to the next. Thus memories of an old life in born again people are always present in the subconscious.

And the belief in reincarnation is not quite so absurd for many, because after all, a person’s life is relatively short and death in its finality cannot be understood. The idea of ​​reincarnation helps to come to terms with dying and to accept it because one gets another chance at a life.


But how do you know whether you could have lived before? There are certain signs that can point to a past life. If you have them, you might well be born again.

1. You have inexplicable fears or phobias.

People who believe in reincarnation assume that trauma from a previous life leads to inexplicable fears and phobias in the present life. If you can’t explain your fear of flying, a certain number, or spiders, you may have lived before.

Aphonopelmas (anax or hentzi) from Independence Creek, SW Texas

2. You have recurring dreams.

Dreams are a reflection of the subconscious. Recurring dreams can mean that certain fears or problems have not yet been resolved. If you often see yourself as a different person at a different time in your sleep or if the people and the surroundings in your dreams are completely unknown to you, it can be a message from your subconscious that you have not yet processed memories of a past life.

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3. You feel a strong connection to a particular time or language.

As you read the history of certain periods of time, do vivid images appear in your mind’s eye? Or do you feel a strong sense of connectedness while watching a documentary? Such a strong connection to a certain place, time or language can mean that you are born again. Longing for a place you’ve never been to can also suggest that you’ve already lived.

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4. You have memories that you cannot assign.

People who have memories that seem absolutely real to them, even though they are sure that they never happened to them, have probably lived before. They often even remember details, smells, sounds or feelings. Such memories, which cannot be assigned, are seen as a clear sign of reincarnation. Affected people can even be put into hypnosis to find out what previous life their memories could have come from.

monk [reincarnation]

5. You have frequent déjà vus.

Some of us have had déjà vu, that is, the feeling that we have already experienced a moment. Often this feeling disappears again immediately afterwards, but one is sure that the moment already existed. Science believes this is a neurological dissonance, while others believe that déjà-vus reveal a person’s previous life.

Reencarnacion?  / Reincarnation?

6. You feel older than you are.

Some people stay young at heart all their lives. Others are ahead of their age at a young age and are wiser than their peers. If you feel many years ahead of your age, it may mean that you have lived once or even several times. Because your soul is older and more experienced, you may not go through life as carefree or naive, but sometimes appear cold and aloof to others.

he was a photojournalist in the past, but now he is homeless

7. You never really feel at home.

As a child, many felt homesick when they were not in their familiar surroundings or were alone without their parents at the holiday camp or with their grandparents. But if as an adult you often feel as if you are always a little homesick and never really at home, it could be that you unconsciously remember a past life. If you can’t pinpoint exactly where you really belong, you may be longing for a past life in which you found fulfillment.


8. You can see through people quickly.

Are you being introduced to someone new and do you have the feeling that you have met this person before? If this happens to you a lot and you can also see through people quickly, it probably indicates that you have had several previous lives. You have met all of these souls before and you recognize them again subconsciously.


Admittedly, many will probably recognize themselves in the points listed. After all, who hasn’t had a déjà vu or a strange dream that keeps coming back? But that is also due to the fact that everyone has lived in one form or another – at least that is the view of the supporters of reincarnation theories.

Even if there is no evidence to date that humans are born again, even some scientists do not completely rule out reincarnation. In the end, however, everyone can believe what they want.

How do you feel about reincarnation? Do you believe in rebirth? Or have you ever had a feeling that lets you guess that you are actually an old soul?

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