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8 Natural Home Remedies For The Entire Body

8 Natural Home Remedies For The Entire Body

Grandmothers always know best, especially when it comes to looking your best. We’ve collected the top 8 natural home remedies & beauty hacks and are passing on their tips and tricks to you!

1. Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles

Soak 2 tea bags in warm water and leave them on your eyes for about 10 minutes. The tannin in the tea depuffs and soothes the eyes, leaving you with bright and smooth eyes.

2. Bug Bites

Fill a nylon stocking with oats and warm water, place it in a tub full of hot water, and take a 15-minute bath. Water releases the phenol in the oats, which soothes inflamed skin and relives itching.

3. Foot Fungus

To get rid of foot fungus, soak some garlic cloves in boiling water and blend the peeled cloves with coconut oil. Apply the cream to the affected area and let sit for 10 minutes. Garlic has an antibacterial effect that will help get rid of the fungus.

4. Gray Hair

Put some sage leaves, black tea, and boiling water in a spray bottle, spray the solution on your hair, and let it dry. The tannins in the tea will naturally dye hair. For a darker result, repeat this procedure several times.

5. Warts

If you want to treat warts naturally, place the inside of a banana peel directly on the wart, fix it in place with a bandage, and leave overnight. The enzymes in banana peels dissolve warts, so repeat the process until the wart disappears. 

6. Congestion

Smear VapoRub on the inside of a bowl, add loose chamomile tea to the bowl, and pour boiling water on top. Position your head over the bowl, drape a towel over your head, and inhale the vapors. The combination of chamomile and menthol will free your airways and alleviate congestion.

7. Yellow Teeth

To whiten your teeth, mix a small amount of baking soda with a little toothpaste and apply the mixture to your teeth. Then cut a small strip of aluminum foil, gently fold it over your teeth, and let sit for 30-60 minutes. Make sure that the shiny side of the foil faces in, while the matte side faces out.

WARNING:  Each application slightly weakens the tooth enamel, so only use this method sparingly, and no more than once a month. If you’re looking for a safer long-term solution, speak with your dentist.

8. Sunburn

Cut two aloe vera leaves lengthwise, scrape out the gel, place the gel in a bowl, and add some water. Purée the mixture and pour the liquid into the molds of an ice cube tray. Freeze the tray, and after a few hours, you’ll be able to feel the soothing effects of your homemade sunburn relief remedy on your skin.

With these 8 genius health hacks, it will be smooth sailing from here on out!

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