8 defects in the house that you don’t need a handyman for

8 defects in the house that you don’t need a handyman for

It’s still best at home. Provided everything is intact. Because even the smallest defects can ensure that well-being drops rapidly. Fortunately, however, there are some nifty tricks you can use to clear up annoyances in seconds without having to call a handyman. So that you can feel completely at home in your home again, we will show you 8 practical tricks in this article.

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1. Walnut against scratched wooden furniture

Walnuts are not only delicious, they also help to make scratched wooden furniture look like new again. The nut only has to be rubbed with a little pressure over the affected area and small nut particles are deposited in the furrows, making the scratches practically invisible. In addition, the wood is oiled directly in a natural way.

2. Nail polish against chipped tiles

Chipped areas on tiles, on the other hand, can easily be covered with nail polish in the appropriate color. Before doing this, however, the affected tile should be cleaned with a little soap and water and dried well to ensure the durability of the nail polish that is then applied to it.

3. Silica gel for electronics that have gotten wet

If the mobile phone has gotten wet, it is first of all important to remove the moisture from the device. Many people initially think of uncooked rice – but silica gel, a highly water-attracting desiccant, which is often contained in moisture-sensitive consignments, is more suitable. The mobile phone only needs to be placed in a container together with the silica gel and left in it for at least 24 hours.

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4. Sock for painting the banister

If you want to paint hard-to-reach places in the house, this usually requires a lot of patience. But with an old sock you can ideally reach areas such as the banister. Simply put the sock over your hand, paint it and apply it along the railing. That saves a lot of time!

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5. Vaseline against squeaky doors

Squeaky doors rob you of the last nerve. But that can also be remedied with something that you probably have at home. All you have to do is apply a little petroleum jelly, sunscreen or even shower gel to the squeaky hinge and the door can be opened and closed again without any annoying noises.

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6. Vacuum cleaner against residues when drilling

If you have found a place behind which no pipes run, the problem still remains that the drilling leaves a lot of dirt. To counteract this, it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner. But in order not to have to rely on the help of a second person – one holding the vacuum cleaner and the other drilling the hole – you can simply attach the vacuum cleaner hose to the wall with painter’s tape or adhesive tape. In this way, dust-free drilling is possible without any help.

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How to drill a wall without dust … from r / lifehacks

7. Vinegar for rusty tools

It is particularly annoying when tools rust. To make it look like new and work properly again, you can put it in a bucket filled with vinegar and leave it on overnight. The next morning, it just needs to be scrubbed under running water with a suitable brush and it shines in new splendor.

8. Ballpoint pen nib to protect sensitive cables

Cables that are particularly thin tend to break quickly. However, instead of resigning yourself to the idea of ​​having to buy new ones every time, you can easily extend the life of your cables with a ballpoint pen nib. To do this, take the spring out of an old ballpoint pen and wrap it around the sensitive part of the plug. So the cable kinks less in the future and stays with you for much longer.

Repair / reinforce cables to prevent breaking. Use vaping wire (or spring from pen) and shrink tubing. from r / lifehacks

As you can see, you don’t always have to call a craftsman immediately or throw things away. You can fix small defects yourself in next to no time – provided you know the relevant tricks. And that is no longer a problem from now on!

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