7 surprising and curious facts about life on earth

Many people call life on earth a miracle, others simply a biological fact. Whether scientifically explainable or not: the things around us are always fascinating.

Some facts about life on our planet are beyond our imagination, and others are so shocking that we would rather not have known them. We present seven of these facts in this article.

1) Hidden teeth

Children are born toothless. It is only after a few months that the first teeth pierce the gums and are often the cause of sleepless nights, both for children and for parents. Over the years, baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth. Yet there is a grim reality, but logical: the final dentition is already there in small children.

permanent teeth in children

2) Invisible colors

The human eye is an evolutionary miracle. This organ is able to distinguish up to 20 million colors. So it is hard to believe that there are still colors that humans cannot perceive. As they are beyond our perception, we cannot even imagine what these colors look like.

human eye brown and wide open

3) Change in the texture and appearance of the skin

We have all already experienced the change in the skin when we have stayed too long in the water of a bathtub, a lake, a swimming pool or the sea. Know that it is a measure body safety. The skin on our hands and feet wrinkles in the water, which allows us to hold on better in an emergency and have a firmer grip on things.

skin of a wrinkled hand

4) different skeletons

While adults have 206 bones in their bodies regardless of gender, babies are born with more than 350 bones. It is only during their growth that the latter develop the final skeleton. The body is constantly evolving over generations, moreover.

radio of a wrist and fingers of a human hand

5) disgusting metro stations

Metro stations themselves are not the most beautiful places in the world. This aversion is further heightened when we learn that about 15% of the air circulating there is made up of dead skin cells. No wonder, after all, because the human body secretes up to 600,000 skin particles per hour.

woman and other people on a metro platform

6) Children insensitive to pain

It wasn’t until the 1970s that it was discovered that babies could feel pain. It is horrible to learn that children were operated on without anesthesia, as it was assumed that children up to the age of 15 months did not feel pain. The only thing they were sometimes given was a muscle relaxant to keep them from moving. Awful!

newborn baby's foot

7) Forbidden to die!

The island of Spitsbergen is located in the Arctic Ocean and belongs to Norway. The largest city on these islands is Longyearbyen and it is also one of the northernmost places in the world. It is also for this reason that it is forbidden to die there.

The ground is too frozen to bury the dead. In addition, freezing temperatures of -18 ° C on average ensure the survival of all pathogens. Since 1950, residents have been legally required to travel to the mainland to die.

snowy graves in a cemetery

Which of these facts surprised or shocked you the most? We learn about it every day, don’t we?

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